Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The day after the night before!

Thank you so much for all your lovely birthday messages, I had a fabulously giddy day, largely brought on by the fact that Russ has ordered me a gocco printer.I am SSSSOoooooo excited, I'm going to screen print everything and anything on anything and everything!

Anyway back to work today. I am going to be making my second order of buttons for the beautiful Parisian boutique 'Les Fleurs'. I am honored to be sending a second order so quickly as I think Parisians having impeccable taste.

I also have a range of my buttons for sale at Mieke's gorgeous Belgian Boutique.

and as soon as I've finished this blog I am going to add these new postcards to my shop. I ordered 100 of each design from a professional printers & I am really happy with the quality.


  1. Wow that is great news about your orders...
    Beautiful shops too cooooooool! ax
    Ot oooh!
    JUST ORDERED italian takeaway mmmmm - it is so windy outside and jonny is about to drink himself into an oblivion as I'm making him watch sex and the city on Foxtel for the zillionth time...... Oh he loves it! I've been brainwashing him for years with it so it must have worked...

  2. Glad you had a good birthday and lucky you getting a Gocco, i'd LOVE one! Look forward to seeing the results.

    Right, it's the beginning of the month and i have money to spend so off to have a look at those postcards!

  3. amanda you are mean, how many times do you honestly expect him to watch it?!

  4. Happy Birthday...I love the postcards and I'd really love to try a Gocco. Just something else I guess to spend money on.

  5. Salut !! :)
    J'aime beaucoup ton travail !

    Hi !! :)
    I like very much your work !

  6. so glad you had a wonderful birthday...even if it means i've got even MORE things to choose from...i'm getting the hint ORDER SOON :-)....there's just no stopping you!!!
    ps...your work just fits in perfectly in those delightful little happy it's going well!

  7. Congrats on the Gocco! I want pictures of it and how you're using it as soon as you can manage it!
    I love those notecards--they look fab!

  8. Loving the new postcards!
    I keep thinking I want a gocco and then I think that I could do the same thing silkscreening. I'm torn.

  9. i just had to let you know i have purchased a green army jacket by Superdry while in the UK (please don't laugh..i am sure it is a very trendy label for young people, but i threw caution to the wind) and pinned to the top left pocket is one of your lovely little pins :) off on a long bus ride to another part of the UK tomorrow and shall be wearing my belle and boo pin with pride for all the passengers to admire...

    ooh and a belated happy birthday :)

  10. dottie angel, I was wearing me green army jacket just yesterday! I will look out for you and your pin.

    Thanks Kirsten & Sadie Lou

  11. sooooooo excited that i have an order from you winging its way to my door - i resisted long enough!
    happy belated birthday wishes from me to you x
    tracy x

  12. Wonderful & More Wonderful! What great loveliness you are up to! Those shops you have your work in are siblime! xxo

  13. These are really lovely - re-stockists - If you are looking for other stockists I think these would fit really well into the Glasgow shop Fifi and Ally -
    I would stock them if I had a proper shop!