Friday, 13 July 2007


I just wanted to share with you some new goodies that have arrived and brightened up my life this week. More Little Madam dolls that will be making their way into my shop over the coming weeks.

These adorable gift tags and greetings card by the fabulous peepbebe

This beautiful bookmark that I ordered from the incredibly talented annejulie

which arrived with all these extra goodies!

and finally these beautiful 3D postcards from birdie1973, which are a tempting appetiser whilst I save up and buy an original, I have coveted her work for along long time.

Now I most go and pack, Russ and I are off for a weekend at the seaside. I hope the weather is as lovely as last weekend as our friends that we are staying with have promised us a BBQ at their beach hut, but I fear it might be fish and chips huddled together in the car!
I'm taking homemade plum tarts

which obviously I had to taste test.....mmmmmmmm!


  1. those tarts look so yummy!!!!!

  2. Ooh I love your little dolls, so cute :-)

  3. they look so delicious!!!
    hoping the weather held out for your weekend by the sea :-)

  4. You always get to go to the seaside! No fair, no fair!!! Okay, kicking the desert dirt, have a good time... hehehe xxo

  5. hey miss boo, thanks for the mention.
    ps. gorgeous annejulie stuff too.

  6. Omigosh...I am salivating for the tart. And the cards you have are beautiful!

  7. Hmmmmm yummy tarts!

    Hope you have a fabby weekend!

  8. i am so glad i found you! I love your illustration style, do hope you don't mind, I featured you on my blog this week!

  9. You have so many goodies! It's hard to pick what I liked the best--hmmm....I choose....the plum tarts! I'll give you my shipping address so you can mail me one.

  10. just popped over from nesty's blog, those tarts look so pretty and very yummy, do you have the recipe? Your trip to hastings looks fun, I love beach huts, and I've been reading a lot at about up and coming hastings lately, must visit soon!

  11. they look the same as the tarts I made yesterday, only I used yellow plums, jummy. I love your work and blog by the way

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