Thursday, 19 July 2007


I needn't have worried the weather was glorious, we had our beach hut BBQ & it was delicious.
Not only do our frinds have a beach hut they also have a house, a garden & a huge studio! its enough to tempt any loyal Londener to move to up & coming Hastings.


  1. Hi Mandy
    I'm so pleased you left a comment on Skinny laMinx, because now I've found your blog and your delightful shop! I love your sweet illustrations and buttons and dolls... it's all just too beautiful!
    Very pleased to meet you,

  2. love all the labels on the drawers and the library boxes. looks like a lovely weekend.

  3. I love those beach houses and the colors. What fun that would of been to have a BBQ at one of them.

  4. I love beach huts all the different colours always make me smile. What do they create in that lovely studio?

  5. oh lovely Hastings - did you manage to visit the old town?
    beautiful buildings, and fab shops.
    glad you had a great time x
    tracy x

  6. i love Hastings...all the little quaint shops. always good for a bargain find :) i live in ashford in kent so not far from there which i like. the shop and the beach hut look gorgeous. thanks for the message on my blog, and the brunette love :) i'm so glad i decided to do it: i love it! xx

  7. I love how colorful beach houses are; like a row of jewels poking out of the sand.

    My mom just ordered me two prints from your shop for my birthday and I am giddily awaiting their arrival! Thanks for the speedy shipping!

  8. that beach looks incredible - I used to spend summers visiting my grandparents in Bexhill, but they didn't have those!

    And i love your little madam dolls - so sweet!

  9. Oh, why am i only finding you now, everything you do is incredible!! Hi Mandy!! How do you do?? Well i hope you made it to Darwin on your travels, if not, visit my blog & see what you missed. We even have a craft thang happening in the Territory, a small movement if you will. Those hanging dolls, LOVE THEM, i want to 'replicate' some for my 4 children. I'm adding you to my blog links right now. Thanks for the visual feast, love Posie (PS found you off a link from Meet Me At Mike's, she rocks!!)

  10. Hi,
    Great photos, the beach house and studio look amazing and so interesting. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  11. I LOVE your illustrations! They move me in a way I can't explain...

  12. We used to go to Hastings all the time when I was a kid. Great family holidays there!!!

    Love the beach hut too - how cute is that :-)

  13. Hi, just love your blog, great work! I have been working away at my own blog for a year, you are welcome to take a peek, we share similar interests :0)

  14. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend and a great place to visit!
    I love the line of beach huts.

  15. Hello again. Just to let you know, I've done a little post on Skinny laMinx about Belle and Boo today.

  16. Oh bloody hell! This house is fweakin' lovely and the studio rivals that of Paul Smith and I want friends like this toooooo! Thanks for the gorgeous photos and such nice light.. if only my photos were so nice, Mandy! I LOVE MY PRINT! It will go on the bathroom wall (i spend a lot of time in there soaking things up!) and be much admired by all the girls on Stitching Night! xxx and thanks for being so ace. Pip

  17. Hi Mandy,
    Just popped over from Cupcakes. I love your work, it's really sweet. Glad to see another illustrator. I do lots of pixies and fairies. Come and meet them soon!

  18. hi you...
    so i'm back at your etsy page again tonight...trying to figure out what i'll order next ;-) and i think to myself how much i HEART belle & boo and how i should really click on the little {heart} button and add my name to the i click it and it begins to add up all the people who HEART your esty and it adds and adds and adds to a grand total of 1407 people!!!...and i thought to myself...i don't really want to be the 1408 person to HEART i decided to come here and tell you i HEART you instead ;-)

    i love the "life" in these shots...expecially the first one!!!
    hope you have a great day ;-)