Friday, 21 September 2007

Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you & once again thank you for the over whelming response to the Ava Super Princess Series.
Thank you for trusting me with this commission Sheye it's been an absolute pleasure working with you and a big virtual hug to all the wonderful people that have been so touched by Ava's story. We have raised a lovely sum of money for the Mater Hospital and I know this figure will just keep on growing.
I'd like to share with you a quote from Sheye's blog "When I imagine them up in rooms all around the World, it truly makes me smile"
If anyone would like to send me photos of their Ava prints in their new homes, I'd love to have a little on line exhibition.

It's been a busy month both emotionally and physically. As well as all the Super Princess orders I had quite a number of repeat wholesale orders and a lovely large order from Art Star in Philadelphia (I literally jumped around the living room when they got in contact, yay me!)

I nearly came to blows with my neighbour about an extension that I wanted to have built. Russ & I now BOTH work from home (a 1 bedroom flat) so the thought of a second bedroom/studio was super exciting.... but I now except (pouty lip and crossed arms, just like a little madam doll!) it wasn't to be! Plan b is now back in action... converting the garage. Encouragingly an article in the Guardian last weekend wrote about the virtues of a garden workspace, lets hope so, I'll keep you updated.

Anyway I worked like a mad woman up until last Sunday and then...... HOLIDAY!
First stop North Devon, our friends are the proud owners of a red speed boat, with sexy cream leather seats, its very miami Vice! Russ went wake-boarding but unfortunately (ehem!) I'd forgotten to pack my wet suit!

Next stop St Agnes, Cornwall

to stay in a beautiful thatched cottage that we had rented with friends, 2 mins walk from a sandy surf beach, which has its own bull seal called Barry! Russ and I stayed in the pretty yellow room, which secretly I thought of as Milly molly mandy's room, I find the thickness of the walls so comforting.

This summer has been the wettest on record in Britain, so it was an utter fluke that we happened to go on holiday a week the sun shone every single day.

We packed a summers worth of fun into 5 days. Large lazy breakfasts,

reading but mostly chatting on the beach, snacking on naughty cheesy chips and Champagne and then home to log fires and more delicious home cooked food. One of our friends that we were away with is an illustrator by day & cordon bleu chef (almost!) by night...perfect mmmmmm.
The holiday ended with a spur of the moment decision to take a scenic flight along the Cornish coast

and then Russ and I snuck in a bonus night back in Devon. We stayed in this fabulous, very English B&B,

these kittens put a big smile on my face!


  1. Oooh! I love the photo of the 'yellow room' and the fact that it just looks like Milly Molly Mandy's room. I just adored those books when I was little. I was fortunate enough to inherit my mothers and I still have them. Thanks for sharing that photo - it makes me want to read them all over again.

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  2. Hi mandy,just dropped by to see if you'd blogged and was thrilled to share in your beautiful holiday snaps. The room does just look like Milly Molly Mandy's window wow! what gorgeous weather i'm so pleased that fell when it did and it made the coastline look even more inviting.Fab to see a pic of you too as dont think we have before, you look great and very relaxed. Great news about your wholesale order.congrats. Had a small taste of how thrilling it is to get an order when a boutique took 6 of my lace cuffs last week. So i felt like jumping about too! except we went for a celebratory drink in Starbucks instead,well it was only 3 oclock in the afternoon after all!and starbucks happens to be one of my fav places even though i dont drink coffee, smiles....speak to you soon, Kat xx ps oh and i will send a picture of my Ava picture by email soon,lovely idea

  3. What great photos...looks like fun! I am in love with your drawings and am not surprised others are too! We actually live only an hour or so away from Philadelphia and I was excited to hear they found you also! I posted about you last week after looking for about a month and one of my regular readers said she bought a print right away after seeing your etsy site! Much deserve it!

  4. Oh that sounds so wonderful. I love the yellow room window and all the photos you shared. Everything looks so lovely. Glad you had a break. BTW, even when you have a large house with three children and a business, it never seems as though there is enough room!

  5. i just found your work and it is AMAZING! really unbeliveable and beautiful and romantic and incredible and someday i will own one of your pieces!

  6. So glad you had a relaxing holiday Mandy..I kept staring at the yellow room - I can't believe rooms like that actually exist!! I've never seen anything like it here!
    I love the idea of seeing Ava's prints up - I really hope people will take the time to email you a photo - it would mean so much..
    I too have to say thankyou so much to every single person who has bought Ava's prints and let me know how beautiful they are. They look gorgeous here but it's not until you're holding them you get a real sense of their magic.
    I'm thinking up new ones for you to do already!!!
    Love Sheye

  7. Loving the pics. St Agnes is gorgeous. Those breakfasts look yummy too. Glad you're back and blogging though.

  8. Hi hun, have finally got round to setting myself up a user name, loving the pitcure of the Cats. Was great to see you guys last weekend thanks again for coming to visit love your little sister x

  9. I am so excited your blog is being featured on Tangled and True! I look at your etsy shop all the time, I am determined to buy something for my girls rooms, but I love everything so much I just can't decide. I think I may have decided on some of the Ava prints after reading her story though. I will be checking your blog often. I am so happy to have found the blog, I had no idea you had one!

  10. Hi there Mandy...

    I have pictures of Ava's prints up on my blog, I'm too frazzled to email atm but feel free to copy and use the pictures.
    Thanks again, the pics are gorgeous!

    Eden in Adelaide