Friday, 26 October 2007


I have been madly sewing for the past few days, my lounge is a mass of material, ribbons, buttons and an army of Little Madam dolls is slowly forming in the corner. They remind me of a tiny, plush toy version of the Terracotta army currently on show at the British Museum !

There are a few new designs, inspired by my little friend Trixie.

I also finished this one off 'Ava' doll for Sheye, Ava's mom, it was commissioned by a dear friend of Sheye's and it was an absolute pleasure to make.

So far I have kept my more 'commercial' work (is that the right word?) separate from Belle & Boo, but I couldn't resist sharing with you this tiny box set of Charity Christmas cards I designed exclusively for John cute!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Woolly Mammoths

A few weeks ago I finished 2 woolly mammoth illustrations! I've wanted to draw a woolly for a while now & I'm so happy with how cosy & safe these 2 little kids look. If you listen carefully you can hear the muffled thud of Woolly's steps as he slowly makes his way, with a sleigh of Christmas goodies to my Etsy shop.
Estimated arrival date 1st November!

The lovely Catherine from Woolly Mammoth Toys is going to use them as a logo for her shop and look what she sent me in return. pretty is this tutu, its for a 6 year old, but I have been holding it up to my waist and of twirling around the bedroom regardless!
Also these adorable pirates, which are going to make a little boy I know very happy indeed. Thanks Catherine.

Russ and I went to West Sussex for the first time at the weekend, it is such a beautiful part of the world, I'm already planning my next visit.

We stayed at Castle Cottage B&B which I can't recommend highly enough, we hired the barn, but next time we are going to stay in the tree house nestled in a huge chestnut tree. Saturday was spent in Arundale, Antique/ junk!!! shopping. I bought this wooden box (I love anything with drawers) and a beautiful sampler stitched by Ruth Knight way back in 1884.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Look Closely..........

I am a huge fan of Project Grab bag, so I was over the moon when I saw these little lovelies. Look closely, what can you see..........

.....they're wearing Belle & Boo badges, he he!
I now have 2 of Shannon's dolls, this is my latest, I dream of one day having a whole shelf.

I was at Kew Gardens at the weekend, it's a gorgeous time of the year to visit and they are currently exhibiting 28 of Henry Moore's sculptures, the largest collection of his work ever displayed in one place.. My favourite section is the Waterlily House. Look closely, what can you see......'s a tiny Ava fairy.

We have been having a few problems with the post here in the UK, 48 hour strikes, followed by walk outs and then more strikes. The up side is when the postman does arrive it's like Christmas day. Yesterday I received this American magazine called 'Craft' from the amazingly generous Yumi-Yumi (thank you again and again Aline)
Look closely, what can you see.......

it's me, it's me, advertising Etsy!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Boo said "BOO" !

I LOVE this time of the year, it's just getting cold enough to wear woolly scarves and hats and meet friends for warming hot chocolates. There is the anticipation of Halloween parties, Bonfire night and cosy, cuddly nights at home hibernating.
I also feel very inspired work wise and will be listing lots of new illustrations in the run up to Christmas, first is this new Belle & Boo illustration called 'Happy Halloween'

Prints are available in my Etsy shop for the usual $20 and they come with 3 cute Halloween Boo tags.
I optimistically thought this image would work well as a gocco print, so decided it was about time I conquered my fear!
My Gocco arrived almost 2 months ago and at the time I took one look at the instruction manual before hiding the box in the cellar (I'm so ashamed)
It's actually not that difficult especially after watching this kooky instruction video, but boy was it frustrating. I suddenly remembered why I'd steered clear of the print studios at college, I'm really messy, really impatient and a huge perfectionists.
The end result, 3 (oh dear) prints on water colour paper

and 1 (oh dear, oh dear) print on a tea towel

I have however learnt alot from my pretty unsuccessful first attempt and have now promoted the box to a space in my lounge.
I will be giving it another go...... when I've got over the traumas of this first attempt!

3 new batches of post cards arrived today for my shop, Freedom, Starla & Journey, I'm really happy with the print quality.

Yesterday I had my first Etsy 'meet up' with the lovely Kate, who recently moved to London. It was ssoooooo good chatting 'Etsy' and I saw Kate's beautiful buttons and slides first hand which you can buy from her new Etsy shop.