Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I just had the BEST weekend.
Saturday night a very lovely friend of mine got me tickets to the X-fACTOR, Oh my goodness they are as rare as Willy Wonkas Golden tickets!
To be honest this series I was more interested in seeing the judges than the contestants, Simon Cowell oozed power & Danni Minogue was so tiny and doll like!
Here is my friend and her brother with brother and sister act 'Same Difference' Saturday nights will never be the same again!

Then Sunday was officially Craft fair day, I have popped into a few Christmas fairs over the past couple of weeks, but these 2 were REALLY good. First the Artists Book Fair at the ICA where I bought a few goodies from the lovely Fran. Then a leisurely stroll through Covent Garden, lunch at the best fish & chip shop in London (I think they all say that!) & then the annual Christmas show at Cockpit Studios. I bought LOTS of goodies but unfortunately I can't share them as they are Christmas presents for friends & family & I don't want them sneaking a peek!
I can however show you this gorgeous cushion that I commissioned from Janet Clare, perfect for this time of year & as a back drop for my dolls!

She also made me a plain cover that I intend to decorate with these cute badges from In My Back Yard.

I got a shock when I saw Royal Mails official recommended Christmas Postal dates.
There is approximately only 2 weeks left for International shipping, I better nip over to Etsy and up date my shop.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Studio Update

So this is what it looks like so far......I dreamt the other night that 'Property Ladders' Sarah Beeny was wagging her finger at me saying "are you crazy?"

Unfortunately it was been raining buckets lately, which normally I LOVE. I grew up in Manchester, which is synonymous with rain. Sunday afternoons, cosy inside, whilst heavy rain lashes at the windows, or tucked up in bed or sometimes, like last night getting caught in it & just letting it soak through, I find it so rejuvinating. Anyway I digress! due to the rain the builders can't progress as quickly, so my hopes of a new studio for Christmas are rapidly diminishing.

On a more positive note I have received lots of lovely Etsy goodies in the post lately, this wintery painting by Groundwork which still smells of oil paint mmmmmm

These beautiful table mats from treepiminusthree

A very pretty fairy collage from the beautiful Kat

and a surprise gift from Fran. I have admired her work ever since joining Etsy and was lucky enough last month to meet up with her for a cup of tea. If you think Etsians (is that the correct term?) are lovely on line then they are even lovelier in real life. Thank you so much Fran, it has pride of place on my mantle piece & reminds me daily of one of my favourite films.

Belle & Boo news... I found 5 pairs of these little cowboy & indians hair slides that I had made at the beginning of the year! now available in my shop.

My 'Little Madam Angels' will reluctantly be appearing at the Art Star Christmas Show in Piladelphia !!!

and I have a new French Stockiests Art-ti-choux the owner Typhaine sent me some photos of her window display, I think the clothes line of buttons is gorgeous.

Ok I'm off to restock my shop :)

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Christmas Goodies

At last a spare half hour to sit down and up date my blog. I love doing this and every time I finish a new post, I promise myself I wont leave it so long next time....I seem to just blink and a week goes by!
Also I want to say 'Thank you' to everyone that leaves a message, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my little Belle & Boo world, I would love to sit down and have a cup of tea and biscuit with everyone of you :)

So the Winter Woolly finally made it to my shop and he has slowly been up loading Christmas goodies ever since. First are these beautiful silver pendants,
lovingly made by Thea from Monarch.etsy.com. If you haven't visited her shop before I highly recommend you do, not only is she a very talented photographer she offers the fabulous service of making custom pendants.

My little Madams have reluctantly got into the Christmas spirit and have dressed up as little angels. They are slightly smaller in size, perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree and after the holidays their halos can be removed, revealing a little moody fairy!!!

My parents emailed this old photo of me at a nursery Nativity play, remind you of anything?!

They also sent this one of me and my younger sister, Russ said we look like the children of Borat!

At last I finished a new batch of tooth fairy dolls, which will be flying into my shop over the next week or so, there are a couple there right now .......

I have been busy punching and threading new Christmas tags......

& also listed a favourite of mine from last Christmas.....

Now for non Etsy news, the work has started on our new studio, I can't quite believe it, so far so good. It's 6pm and the builders are still out there working with huge flood lights laying the concrete foundations, fingers crossed this level of commitment continues!
Our garden this morning looked like this!

and one last thing, I was zooming through old photos and came across this snap I took last April in LA at the Mark Ryden exhibition, it took my breath away, utterly beautiful mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....!