Monday, 31 December 2007

Merry Christmas

A belated Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year to everyone, I've just seen the fireworks in Sydney on TV, funny to think you guys are already in 2008 & we Brits are still in 2007!

It has been a whirlwind of Etsy activity running up to Christmas, but I managed to squeeze in some Christmas celebrations, here is a little photo synopsis of Christmas 2007 over here in Belle & Boo world.

Russ booked us tickets to a 'White Christmas' at the Royal Albert Hall. It was the perfect day, a crisp, wintry walk in Hyde Park, red wine & renditions of 'I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus'etc, with very pretty lighting which made it look like it was snowing in the auditorium, a couple of VERY expensive cocktails in a swanky London Hotel, finished off by a cosy Thai meal in Soho.

Seeing my friends little girl in her first school Nativity, she was the angel Gabriel, how cool is that!

Going to my first baby shower (not yet that popular in the UK) it was just like a big tea party, with lots of cake and cute presents, mine of course were bought off Etsy, from the amazing Tiny Feet & much admired!

Meeting 6 girl friends for Christmas lunch at the new Royal Festival Hall restaurant, Skylon, overlooking the Thames. Very Sex in the City!

Popping home for a few days to celebrate with my family...... mum your Christmas dinners are the BEST x

and opening Russ's present, a french light for my new desk in the new studio.

Now we are rushing off the seaside to welcome in the new year with friends & good food......A VERY, VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Christmas Decorations

ooohhhhhh I do LOVE Christmas Decorations, I have so many pretty little things I have collected over the years & I get very over excited when it's time to retrieve them from the cellar.
This year I have a few new arrivals, this funny little Danish doll that Russ bought me.

and this googly eyed bunny

made by kwoozey sent to me in one of the best packages I have EVER received from Pip at Meet Me at Mikes (resason to be revealed later!)
Also in the package was this rag doll

made by One Red Robin, she is looking particularly comfortable sat on my sofa, whilst waiting to be wrapped up and put under the tree.
At last I can photograph the 'Little madam Angels' in their natural environment!

I must remember to keep one for myself.

The studio is coming along nicely. Originally we did think we would be in before Christmas, but I have watched far too many house programs, to be acutely aware that you have to have expect delays & additional expenses. At the moment it looks like this, looking in & looking out.

We now realistically think we will be in the end of January, I am SO looking forward to having our flat back just as a home. Before we went travelling Russ and I both rented studios. Mine was in this old architects premises in Belsize Park (It was beautiful, Norman Foster designed the stairs!)

To get there and back I had an hours walk across Hampstead Heath it was perfect, no standing on a stuffy, over crowded tube. I really miss that walk, living in a city & working in doors all day it is easy to become oblivious to the changing seasons. I often think I should just go for a big walk in the morning before settling down at my desk, but I am always too impatient to read my Etsy mail! Russ, bless him, has been working in the mess of our kitchen for the last 7 months. Which consequently means he has been doing most of the cooking & washing up. Also lately moving his huge computer on & off the kitchen table so we can repay friends for lots & lots of over due dinner parties, we couldn't leave it any longer it was getting embarrassing!

I am looking forward to getting my hands back on this rustic shelf that I have half heartidly hung things on, I want to beautify it!

Today we have been sharing the lounge, whilst the builders pull up floor boards & lay cables........oh did I mention, I am REALLY looking forward to the studio!!!