Saturday, 17 May 2008

Frames & Flowers

I am sat writting this wearing a woolly hat, with & a slightly runny nose! but this time last week it was glorious & I think England went gardening crazy.
There was an allotment in the middle of Covent Garden and the adidas store looked more like a garden centre, it's brilliant, I hope the urban gardens keep on growing.

Whilst I had my camera out, I thought I would take a pic to illustrate one of the things I really enjoy about London, there is such a mix of old & new. If you haven't been to this new Magma store you must, there are some classic Etsy sellers in there, next door to this old-school hardware shop.

I went a little belle & boo stamp crazy in the heat

My birds eventually arrived in France, phew!
You can see the exhibition here, this little funny bird is my favourite.

& after SO, so, so much research, deliberation, phone calls, emails, tears, arguments, joy & relief Kate & I decided on these beautiful, bespoke picture frames to show off the Belle & Boo collection. Soon to be on sale in our shop :)


  1. I've always loved the detail you put into your packaging, those little stamped tags are adorable Mandy! Ohh and I LOVE the white frames too. xo - Aline

  2. Those frames are gorgeous! And your tags are so darn cute!! :)

  3. What great shops! and I love the frames you settled on. Are u going to be selling the stamps at all?
    love kat

  4. love the framed artwork! you are such a fav of mine :)

    Must see the allotment in covert garden. What a neat idea :)

    London Southern Belle

  5. oh goodness... more shopping! i still have my seven belle & boo prints... safely in their packages... just waiting for the perfect frames!


  6. I keep meaning to go to the new Magma store, I can get lost in there for ages :)

  7. L-ovely pictures from London, I'm thinking about spending parts of my summer holiday there :)

    And the frames are gorgeous!

  8. Those frames look "picture perfect" to me!


  9. I love how your birds turned out and your frames are perfect too! The red of those shops is so great... great photo! And your gardening... I can't wait for fresh summer vegetables!!!

  10. What a neat garden, I have never seen anything like it. I would love to visit London.

    I love your tags. This is my first visit here (your blog) it is great!

  11. Can't wait for the frames to become available. Fab tags, too.

  12. OMG if you knew how long it took me to decide on the perfect frames for my newly arrived prints from you.
    It had to be just perfect.
    The white looks great.

    I'm greeting soooo many lovely comments about them. Thanks

  13. this last one, is so darn cute!

  14. wow! love the adidas garden .. so nice to see all the greenery.
    also, your new tags are gorgeous Mandy.
    beijos xx

  15. Your prints are just lovely! I'm glad I discovered your blog.

  16. I can't believe just as I leave London, they turn Covent garden into a vege garden!!!

    Glad your birds arrived safe - they're smashing :) ... the one with the 'beak piercing' is quite something too!

  17. the frames are positively perfect in every way.

  18. I just ran into an illustration of yours today (while I was browsing through flickr), and it immediatly made me google your name to see what else I could find about your art.

    It amazed me. Brings me back to my childhood memories, with a modern twist in every single illustration.

    You now have one (more) fan, in Portugal!

    I wish you the best ^^

  19. Love the urban garden! I have a lot of space in the Hill Country of Texas and can't seem to figure out how to use the space wisely. Somehow, whilst working with smaller spaces it all seems to fit nicely!

    Hope you are feeling better! Love your little birdy!

  20. Wow Covent Garden looks fab, what a great idea very Eco.
    The new stamps are lovely and the prints beautiful, sure to sell.

    Catherine x

  21. I just purchased your "I Like Your" prints, and I couldn't be more excited about them - although I am sad that I did right before you had frames offered. Am I able to ask where the frames are from?

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