Sunday, 4 May 2008

I'm back !

It's Sunday morning, it's a Bank holiday weekend here in the UK, I have a steaming cup of coffee, buttered toast & all is quiet with the world outside...the perfect conditions to update my blog (before I forget my log in details!)
Thank you for all your lovely well wishes to my newly married sis & the concern for my where abouts over the past few months.
First I got the flu & in true Mandy fashion I tried to keep going as normal, I realised I was properly sick when I said to Kate "I'll just lie on the sofa for 2 mins" & 5 hours later I woke up! It seemed to hang around for ages & just when I thought I was better, it turned into gastric flu... joy ! Then on top of that, the day we moved into our beautiful new studio, we received a letter from the council saying a complaint had been made, so until that has been resolved, I'll just show you one sneaky photo, taken when it snowed in APRIL! more will follow soon I promise.

The sun is now shining (most of the time!) our loveliest, bestest friends from Sydney came to stay & cheered me up tremendously & last weekend Russ and I snuck off to the seaside.
We stayed the first night with friends who have just bought a house in Rye, imagine my delight when we saw our room and there was a 'black apple' print on the wall.

For our sins we are such city folk & went pathetically goo-y over the new baby lambs we saw on our country walk, I think this little one was the runt (but I'm no farmer!)

Then on to Whitstable, oooohhhh it's lovely (London by the sea!) actually someparts reminded me alot of Venice beach LA. We stayed in a converted fisherman's hut

such a lovely view to wake up to

and there were the most beach huts I have ever seen, some of which are selling for £30,000......???!

This part on England is rapidly changing as more and more people want to move out of the busy cities, there are some very fabulous shops and cafes (the BEST selection of yummy puddings EVER).

... mixed in with old school establishments !

So enough about me, what about the world of Belle & Boo. I can barely keep up. We have appeared in out first French magazine which was very flattering

& a french film 'Il Y A Longtemps Que Je T'aime' that features my Belle & Boo prints, was released & has already won 2 awards at the Berlin International Film festival. I haven't seen it yet, but the set designer sent me these photos of how they were used.

I am sure it will be a case of blink and you'll miss them, but I know they are there & I'm very proud. A similar thing happened to a good friend of mine, actually its not that similar her work appeared in a Bond movie! Remember the scene when Halle Berry comes out of the sea in her orange bikini? well she is wearing earrings designed by my friend, we all cheered in the cinema, when we saw them, we must have seemed very strange indeed !!!
I was lucky enough to be asked to appear in an exhibition in Paris. Claire Redor who makes these exquisite clay birds was trusting enough to send them to a selection of artists to decorate/illustrate as we chose.

Mine are called 'Pigeon Post' and the idea behind them is Belle & Boo are pen friends across the English channel.

They come with a secret, sealed note, but unfortunately & ironically all though I made a lovely comfy nest for them for their journey back to France, they appear to have flown off course :(
meaning sadly they missed the private view. Lets hope they find their way home soon.

We are working on SO, SO, many other exciting things which all will be revealed over the next few months & I promise I wont disappear for such a long time again :)


  1. Glad that you are feeling better, I think the flu has done the rounds in blogland, I am still a bit bunged up!

    The doves are beautiful!

    The huts are gorgeous!

    Vanessa x

  2. so glad to see you hadn't fallen off the edge of the earth as i imagined.
    sorry about all the pestilence - how awful.
    congrats on all the wonderful b&b stuff!

  3. I'm so glad you're back. I must say I was getting worried just a little bit...

    Looking forward to many more posts and of course to some new prints ;)


  4. mandy that is so cool - i can;t believe so much has happen in 3 weeks... So proud!
    lozza love axxx

  5. hi mandy, good to see you back again, glad you're feeling better. congrats on the film showing your prints! beijos x

  6. Well done on the magazine.

    I have showed your brilliant work on my blog
    memories and dreams. You can click on my name to see it.
    Hope you like it.

    Thanks so much it is beautiful.

  7. So great to see you back in blogland.

    Wow, it's so wonderful to see that your work is being featured in so many exciting places. Good on you!!

    Those doves are just gorgeous.

    I look forward to checking in to see all of the upcoming developments at Belle and Boo.

    Warmest wishes

  8. What a great return, lots of interesting reading and viewing. The flu is no fun, but I'm sure some downtime will generate some exciting new ideas, even if you don't know it yet.

  9. lovely to have you back mandy. and i love that your prints are in a've made it!
    great catch up, i've walked past those lovely fisherman's huts and wondered about them so thanks for the link.
    hope all going ok with the studio, talk soon,

  10. glad to see you are back & feeling ok! i have had the shingles so i feel you pain, being sick is no fun at all. and congrats in the new studio, the film & all other goings on!

  11. wow, what a post!! So many lovely things. Good you are feeling better. I have that Black Apple print! Love the birds, the lamb, lovely photos :D

  12. So happy to see you back here Mandy! I'm really excited to see your new products in the coming months. :)

    xo - Aline

    p.s. love the little lamb!

  13. So glad that you are back and I just loved seeing all the photo's! Congrats on the magazine AND the movie : )


  14. Thank goodness! I was missing you!

  15. That studio is darling!! Can't wait to see more pictures... and what a charming little town! A world of difference from San Diego with its tile roofs and white stucco... wishing I lived where you do right about now haha!!!!

  16. Yay for you feeling better
    Yay for all the french happiness :)

  17. Oh, I've missed you so, so much! Glad you're back and that you're better now, gastric flu sounds terrible! Your trip to the sea looked charming and CONGRATS on the awards! Definitely deserving!

    Hugs and kisses!

  18. I love, LoVe, LOVE your artwork ~ and I'm SO excited, I got a bit of a bonus and I just made my first Etsy purchase - and it's from belle and boo!!! Your artwork is gorgeous and I can't wait to post it in my cubicle at work to cheer me up throughout the day... Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts, it's greatly appreciated :)

  19. Well it was wonderful to catch up with all your news M, i don't know what to comment on 1st!!
    the gorgeous exterior of the new studio....let us peak inside soon i hope, all being well.the sweet baby lamb is adorable, the beach huts in whitstable oh my,couldnt you just stay there indefinately, well then again maybe not in the middle of winter,but the summer at least. Then your magazine feature and a french film set wow, congratulations honey!!i loved how you did the birds too, so ironic that pigeons should get lost, maybe they werent homing pigeons so didnt have that training nor a sense of direction, but what a shame for you to miss out on the exhibition as a result.
    ah well, look fwd to your next post, don't stay away too long, we missed you!love and butterflies Kat x

  20. Hooray for you now! So happy to see you back postin' Glad you had some time to yourselves (those huts are quite interesting) I cannot wait to see more photos and hear more news...

    Vive la Belle & Boo! =)

  21. Fab pictures, I love the old school sweet shop, I used to love buying a quarter of sweets from the jar when I was little !

  22. me 2 little miss crafty & bags of penny mixes, uummm, cola bottles and flying saucers & those pretend cigarettes, its a wonder I am a non smoker with good teeth!

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