Thursday, 12 June 2008

Lovely Sunny Devon

Thank you SO, so, so much to everyone for all the wonderful messages & feedback about the new website. It was pretty scary letting it go live last week, but so far touch wood everything seems to be working perfectly (oh we did have one little blip, when we exceeded our allocated band width & it temporarily stopped working, which was VERY scary ...but at least it means people are looking & the problem is now solved)

Then after all that excitment Russ and I drove down to our favourite spot in Devon for a
weekend of caravaning...........

picnics on the beach

surfing & surf watching!

Stunning costal walks

Messing about on the water

admiring my friends garden & dreaming of living in Devon one day

& most IMPORTANTLy lots of cream tea eating, 4 to be precise!!!!!


  1. Beautiful place - how fun! And the tea/biscuits look wonderful! My daughter loves to have tea and I should probably make more of an effort occasionally.
    Glad to see the website is doing well!

  2. I just poked my head into your new webshop and it is just lovelier than can be! Your blog is so fun to browse, and I'm really hoping I can get my hands on another Belle & Boo print to add to my collection. :)

  3. i'm glad you had a lovely holiday. that last photo is making me quite hungry.

  4. What a view? Nice place, have fun fun fun!!!
    New shop and web-site are really lovely :-)

    greetinxxx Mel

  5. Hi Mandy

    That sounds like a splendid weekend. Just perfect. It doesn't get much better than that.


  6. Ah!

    Devon Cream teas!

    Make the most of your holiday, you deserve it. Fab work on the website, well done!

  7. Oh how lovely, we are off to Devon in September can't wait, I adore the place! Mmmmm cream teas ~ delicious.
    love Alison x

  8. Your trip sounds wonderful! I finally saw your wonderful website too... it was down when I first tried. I love it!!! It is perfect for your style of art. I'm sorry you can't join my gallery show, but maybe in the future?:) We're in the middle of vacation, but I had to check in!

  9. Cream teas - yum. My father once asked me if I wanted some scone with my jam .... I guess I was being greedy.

  10. How fantastic is your new website!!! I just got lost in it! Can't wait to see what you will be adding to the homewares & clothing sections =) Congrats on a beautifully done site. The Belle on the swing put to life is the bestest header!

    ..we just got back from the beach here in the US. I just love the sound of the waves don't you?

  11. oh you so desrved a nice break after your hard work lately...looks like you had a fab time in the sunshine. now cream teas...i could eat them on a daily basis and devon ones are of course the best : )

  12. Oh I am falling in love even more with cyber space. I can go on an adventure and have picnics without even leaving my living-room.
    Great stuff.

  13. Sooooooooooooooooo jealous! Where in Devon is this? Dying to go away that way this summer now that we're in Bristol :)

  14. Oh my, this looks amazing! Thanks for sharing...such a lovely blog you have here.

  15. Oh the tea looks lovely, darling! Such a delightful weekend away :)

    And bravo on the website, again! It's so exciting!

  16. I think I'm more envious of the biscuits than of the seaside. I have a carb problem, what of it?

  17. The jam looks awfully good.