Saturday, 2 August 2008

Pirate Party

aahhhh I'm back, I've been on 2 holidays, sshhhhh don't tell any one!

1st Russ & I went to the beautiful remote, turtle nesting ground, Olympos beach in Turkey.

Where it was so hot we could nothing but eat

& lounge

& lye

& sit

& rest

I did log on a couple of times (with help)

but even that proved too much in the heat!

Then I joined the girls in Spain, for a VERY mellow hen do indeed. We were in bed before midnight every night, which I was secretly ever so pleased about!

Anyway enough of my holiday snaps, at last I have finished, a piece that has taken me a long time to get just right. I do hope you like it, it is called 'Pirate Party' & is in the shop now. We will be offering it in a larger size, just as soon as we have sorted out larger mounts and frames.


  1. Hi Mandy, great to hear you had such good holidays, and now all refreshed have such a brill print to offer :) Love all those pirates, such fun. Catherine x

  2. that kitten is sooo cute! did he come as an additional extra to the apartment!!? glad you had such a lovely time!

  3. ooo holiday envy! glad you've been having fun + relaxing. that kitten reminds me of our own bosco when he was cute when they just zonk out like that! lovely new work too...all that food and sunshine has fed your creativity i see : )

  4. What a lovely vacation! It looks like you had a nice time. :)
    I love the new piece!! The pirates are adorable.
    You are such an inspiration.

  5. Oohh 2 holidays! I went to Turkey last month and blimey was it hot!!!
    Glad you have had a lovely time.

  6. Eating, lounging, lying, sitting & resting sounds good to me and don't worry, I can keep a secret (I'm with the CIA remember ;) ).

    Gorgeous pirate party print, they'd make great birthday invitations!


  7. wow, my kind of holiday! :) :)

    love the new creation! :)

  8. sorry that last comment was mine :)

    London southern belle

  9. Looks like a great time! I love the new piece.

  10. "Pirate Party" is such an adorable print! You should be very proud of it! It reminds me of my son and nephew playing pirates and cowboys in the backyard- like every little boy does!

  11. Hi Mandy

    Two holidays sounds like the way to go. One full of relaxation and the other more a social get away. Happy to hear you enjoyed both your getaways.

    Your Pirate Party print is adorable - perfect for any little boy's room.


  12. Good to hear, that you had fun on your vacation. I guess Turkey is hottttter than here in Miami. I am hiddddding often in the house. The pirate print is cute. It reminds me on my own childhood. Now kids walking everywhere with their game-consules. Well right now I see kids hanging in the trees with game-boys and cell-phones, hahaha maybe a new project for you? no no...

    By the way, I was sick and couldn't write earlier a nice comment because of your wonderful bag. The red and the natural fabric looks perfect, it reminds me on "red-work", just simple cute :-)

  13. pirate party is beautiful!

  14. gorgeous drawing!! Makes me want to play in a tree...even more than I normally do! (want to ,that is, don't seem to get up there much these days)

  15. You know I love it as I love my version.

    That looks amazing.

    LOVE IT.

    I still get heaps of comments about mine.

  16. Wow, what a great time had by all! And what delightful images you took of the great time!

    Mandy, I adore this pirate play day! HOLY WOW! I'm so impressed! So many favorites all in one!

  17. I adore your work - just stumbled on your blog. Your holiday sounds wonderful! ahhhhh to be lying on a beach......

  18. oh mandy!!! i haven't checked your blog or etsy shop in a while, but i'm so glad that i finally did again (i've been busy having and caring for a newborn).
    i am so thrilled that you are doing more drawings of little boys! having two of my own (and now a little girl, too) while i have loved your work, i have always hoped for more little boy scenes. this is so adorable!!!
    hugs, susan

  19. I realized that I read this post before and must have gotten interrupted before leaving a comment! (I am Girl Interrupted) anways... Your new print is adorable and I am so jealous of your vacation! You deserve it... you've had an extremely busy year so far!