Monday, 1 September 2008

2 perfect weekends

I have just had 2 very different, very lovely weekends.
The first was a long over due trip to Lisbon, which was equisite. If you haven't been you MUST & you must stay here Zuzabed, it couldn't have been more perfect. This was the view from our room.

The whole city is like a painting, from the pristine curtains in the shaddy chic doors. to the graffiti, which is everywhere, it is creative, vibrant, sunny & friendly.

We visited this 16th century real life sand castle, which was built as a look out for can you not LOVE this city!!

& had warm pasteis from a cafe in Belem where the original receipe is a highly guared secret.

Peeped into wall gardens & generally soaked up the filmic scenery.

Then this weekend just gone, I hunkered down in my studio. The rain poured down and the skies growled with thunder (my favourite kind of weather for creating) & I made my doll for the 'doll project' that I was kindly asked to be part of. You can read about it here but in a nut shell, there are 10 of us involved, we have all made a doll and then every month we pass it on and add to the new doll. I LOVE my little doll, but unfortunately I can't show all of her as we have decided to reveal the dolls slowly, so it is a surprise when we receive them, but here are a few sneaky pics.

I also got around to adding these new Meet Me at Mikes badges to the shop, available here & here


  1. I don't suppose paper dolls are in belle and boo's shop future (like before Christmas...)?

  2. that pink window is perfection!
    as are those pastries. you've intrigued me and i've bookmarked this post for a future holiday : )

    glad you've had 2 great weekends. happy september! x

  3. I'm portuguese and you just took me back in time. I LOVE Lisbon and those Pasteis de Nata are to die for, I make them at home but obviously they're never exactly like the ones from Belem.

    Thank for the trip down memory lane :)

  4. hello!
    I'm portuguese, and i live in Lisbon. I was very happy when i read the description that you made about my city :)it's a very cozy place:) eheh
    i frequently open your blog, and i have to say that i love belle & boo! your illustrations are magic!!
    i have become a graphic designer this past year, and i love illustration.
    I'm a big fan of your illustrations!:)

    have a good 1st september week :)

    i'm sorry about my bad and limited english :/

  5. Is it just me or do you get away a lot??? I only say that because I am insanely jealous!I second the call for paper dolls in the shop. My little bush princess would sell me up the river for one! Jen

  6. oh for the opportunity to wear my summer dress! that last pic of the tree in the square is amazing.
    we're already planning our winter escape! x

  7. you have been featured here-

  8. hello again :)this message is just to tell you that i will add belle & boo to my list of favorites in my blog, i hope you don't mind:)

  9. i love the pink window too (and the little secret doll!)

  10. Lisbon looks amazing - I love your photos. The new Mikes badges are perfect. Little cuties. xx

  11. Hello!

    I´m happy that you like´d Lisbon soo much. I was born there, and untill now, still my favorit city. I live a few km away now in the country side, but i came back all the time. When ever you wich to come again, contact me.
    Love your blog.

  12. Will there be a Boo doll? ;-) Those pastries have made me hungry!

  13. Hi Mandy

    That sand castle is amazing. It will be exciting to see your doll come back to you after 10 other people have added something to her, what a fun project.


  14. I am jealous... I love Lisbon, and I lurve those custard tarts!


  15. Im going to England on Holiday in January and we are searching for somewhere nearby to go for a weekend while we are there. We were thinking Rome but wow Lisbon looks and sounds wonderful! May have to change our minds!

  16. your blog is so over the to divine, singing and skipping-jo.

  17. Wow, that looks like a beautiful place indeed :D

  18. Yay! So glad to see you're doing Miss Lucy's doll project :) Are you the only one who has NOT done a softie doll?

    Really looking forward to seeing the finished pieces - I don't know if you ever saw the ones from the last project - Lucy's one came back looking quite... erm .. scary!

  19. It looks like you've been BUSY! Greatly and beautifully busy :) I'm so glad you posted about your weekends, it's so much fun to hear about your travels :)

    The new badges are darling!

  20. Yet another Portuguese citizen thrilled you enjoyed our nation's capital! Just as well you didn't venture in to Sintra otherwise you may have wanted to stay here for good!

    And yes, those 'pasteis' will bewitch and conquer tummies and hearts. every. single. time!

    Love, love your work...

  21. {paper dolls in your shop} pretty please with sugar on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  22. As a Portuguese citizen, I was more than happy to read your description of our city ^^

    As said before, you MUST come here again and visit Sintra. And Oporto too, in the north, where I live :D