Sunday, 23 November 2008


I woke up to snow this morning, it's still one of those lovely things that I get childishly excited about. I also extracted some of my decorations from the cellar, for a small photos shoot, so its feeling very Christmasy round here today.

I am very excited to share with you a new illustration that has been on the back burner for over a year now! A lovely man named Jonathan bought some Belle & Boo goodies when the store first opened and we started emailing about his charity Edurelief.

Edurelief was founded in 2006 in response to an issue that is affecting thousands of Mongolian children and their families. Due to economic decline in the country, a lack of funding in the education system is forcing families to either purchase textbooks required for their children’s education or have their children drop out of school. Because of low wages and high unemployment rates, the cost of these textbooks, often the equivalent of a month’s salary per child, is simply out of reach for many families. edurelief works with local school systems across Mongolia to provide these textbooks to the neediest families ensuring that every child receives their right to education and a brighter future.

It was a cause I felt very strongly about & I suggested offering my services as an illustrator. Jonathan & his wife Marielle have been very, very patient (as Belle & Boo has been all consuming for the past year) but at last I had some time and I drew their new Christmas card. Packs of 10 are now available to buy from the Edurelief website here. Why not pop over and a buy a pack x

I have been updating the etsy shop today, we now have some lovely stocking filler offers.

Buy either of our 2 Belle & Boo Bag's and receive a pack of Patience Brown Postcards (worth £20) for free

Buy 2 packs of postcards and receive a third pack of your choice for free

Buy any pocket mirror and choose a single button (worth $4) for free

Also AT LAST we now offer Gift Vouchers (do you call them Gift Certificates in the US?)

They are printed on beautiful paper and come with a hand stamped kraft envelope, I am really pleased with them. We have 3 amounts available in the shop, but I can make a special listing for any amount required. Happy Shopping...under 3 weeks now left for International post !


  1. Beautiful image for edurelief! Well done.

  2. Wonderful offers and wonderful Christmas cards. Such a lovely picture. xx

  3. X-mas can come!

    Like always adorable goodies :-)

    The children on the card look so real, I like the way how you have drew the clothes. Very pretty, but simple.



    PS: I am jealous, because I like snow here, too! ;-p

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  5. Hello! I live out in Mongolia with Jonathan and Marielle and I was so excited to see the wonderful illustration you did for them. It is an absolutely adorable card, and I think it is fantastic when artists lend their talent for good causes.

    Keep up the great work! You are extremely talented. : )

  6. what a special cause and beautiful image for them. I hope you are feeling better too. My print arrived beautifully today - THANKS. I'm now having a giveaway on my blog :) Catherine x

  7. Only three weeks left? Holy smokes!

    These illustrations are wonderful! You did such an excellent job!

  8. the edurelief illustration is stunning!

  9. Your work is always beautiful! There is nothing better than when I can help someone with my art- good for you! The card is spectacular! I wish the best to you this holliday season!

  10. what a fantabulous card! I love when artists I adore offer their work for a good me warm fuzzies!

  11. I love the cable knit stocking you have in your pic here. where is it from?

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