Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Eskimo Kisses

new print, new print :)

Monday, 28 January 2008

My lovely friend

I was feeling a bit low this weekend, but a very dear, old friend cheered me up tremendously. She baked delicious lemon cupcakes, which we ate whilst sipping Bellini's! She made me cosy in her spare room, which had a very poignant canvas propped up against the wall & she took me to her favourite french cafe where we munched on croque-monsieur and chocolat chad. Thank you Caoimhe you did me the world of good :)

Monday, 21 January 2008

Belle & Boo is Two

Gosh, I can't quite believe this is the first time this year, I have had chance to sit down and add something new to my blog. A VERY, very belated Happy New Year, I really hope 2008 has been treating you well so far.
New Years Eve was a cosy affair, delicious food, a log fire and friends old & new, followed by a brisk New Year's Day walk on the beach, to blow away the cobwebs of 2007.

Then it was straight back to work & like the title of this blog entry states 'Belle & Boo is now Two'.....

Firstly, Belle & Boo has been up and running since December 2006, so this is now the second year. When I opened my little Etsy shop I had NO idea just how well received it would be. I have had the most amazing support from people all over the world, on days when I'd feel low and doubt my abilities, a stranger would convo or a customer leave feedback, that would say just the right things to pick me up & get me creating again.

Which takes me nicely on to my second point. The problem with having a busy little shop, is there isn't much time at the end of the day to create anything new.
Which has been hugely frustrating & quite frankly kinda stressful.

So....... Belle & Boo is now 2.

Let me introduce you to Kate,

Ok so she is still a little camera shy!
Working with an extra pair of hands is going to allow me the time to draw, paint, sew, print, sketch, collage & generally just get all arty again.


Kate has been well & truly bitten by the Etsy bug & confessed to me today that she left her guests at a dinner party she was hosting to quickly log on to Etsy to re-list!

So, we are now both here to answer your queries, print your prints, pack your orders, add new and exciting products to the shop & most importantly be able to have a friendly chat with anyone stopping by the store!

I already had the time last last week, to create a new art work, it is a complimentary piece, to an art work I completed last year. The initial drawing was in response to a commission from the lovely Pip from Meet me at Mikes in Melbourne. She plans to do something VERY exciting with the characters (to be continued!) The print is aptly named 'Meet me At Mikes'

& with romance in the air, I drew this other cuddly piece called 'Let's Hug' Both are now available in my shop.

Other exciting news, my work appeared in the stunning & incredibly cool Australian magazine Frankie. A friend introduced me to the magazine when I was in Sydney, we both loved it, so you can imagine how over excited I was when they asked me to be in it.
I received 2 copies in the post last week plus a packet of Tim Tams & 3 Violet Crumbles, mmmmmmmmmmmm. Thank you for all the Australian love that has been coming my way & a new batch of Belle & Boo Totes are on their way from the States as I type.

There are 2 full colour spreads & a pull out poster of 'Found'

& slowly but surely the studio gets built!