Saturday, 14 February 2009

New Belle & Boo Baby

I am pleased to report that Kate has had a happy, healthy baby girl & she is called Robyn. This is my gift to her a pretty cup made by Jane Hogben. I am hoping to visit them early next week so I will take my camera, maybe I will wrap the cup in our new gift wrap !

I have found it hard to concentrate over the past few days waiting for news about Kate, so I busied myself taking photos of the new cards and wrap and uploading them to both websites. They are now all available to buy here and here I hope you like them.

Another wonderful distraction was a surprise package that arrived from France.

Not only was the card was by Chihiro Iwasaki a firm favorite of mine but it also featured a robin & look inside, aren't they beautiful...

Merci Beaucoup Claire you made me really happy.

I really enjoyed watching the BRITS this year & thought I would mention that the film my prints featured in il y a longtemps que je t aime won 2 awards, unfortunately they were not for set design & more specifically not for the set design of a little girls room! but I thought it was worth a mention anyway!

Belle & Boo have been receiving more great press, I really like this spread in Easy Living magazine, where they used 5 of our art works. I also like the fact Davina Mc Call is on the front as she pinched Russ's bum once at a party !

Also it was extremely flattering to be chosen to promote Etsy in this gorgeous German magazine.

Kate & I really have to remember to keep track of when we are appearing in an English Magazine. The week we featured in Living At Home, my Swiss auntie sent me a colour photocopy of the artical & we received 2 magazines from the publishers, with a hand written note telling us which page we were featured wonderfully organised and German !

& last but not least, look at these scrummy cupcakes made by Chelsea Alexander for a Cowboy themed baby shower. YYYYYeeeeeeeHHhhAAAAAWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww !


  1. I LOVE your gift wrap! It is the cutest:)

  2. welcome to the world little robyn.

  3. so much happening! wow! Lovely photos mandy! Love seeing the display in the easy living magazine colorful! Best of luck to Kate!!!! I will be in baby mode soon myself:)

    sending kisses!


  4. Hi,
    all your new items look so lovely.
    I think I saw you in my Homes and Antiques Magazine last month. Did you see it? If not let me know and I'll look it out and scan it for you.

  5. Great news about little Robyn!!!

    Allison x

  6. That mug is really cute. I just looked on her site and think I've fallen for the crown edged white washed pots and containers. Can't wait to see pictures of the new little helper!

  7. Congratulations Kate! :)
    And congratulations Mandy on the wonderful press!

    "Living at Home" currently is the only German magazine that has an editor who is not only aware of the goodness on the internet (craft- and designwsise), but who dedicates a full page to internet finds (not to mention that magazines here actually do a good press service as far as complimentary copies are regarded). Though many of this editor's picks and inspirations look as if they come straight off the English design-spotting blogs, meaning that with these people at hand, it's easy game to find good stuff. I'm just amazed at how awfully long it took my fellow German editors to discover "the internet". ;)

  8. Congratulations Kate =) I'm sure she's lovely and i wish you all the best!

    Gorgeous gift wrapping! can't wait to see what comes next =)


  9. Congratulations Kate!
    The wrapping papers are amazing,I hope people won't tear their wrapped presents open.
    I love Café Secret birds too. They've been on my wish list for some time. They run out of sale quickly. You're lucky.
    Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I hope my English is not too bad.

  10. Congratulations Kate. How wonderful to have a little girl to have and to hold and get to know. Such an all consuming time. A thousand best wishes for her lifetime to come. I hope that it's one that dreams are made of. Congratulations to you both on all the wonderful press. It's truly a credit to the quality of work you produce. You deserve every bit of the credit that comes your way!

  11. Oh so much loveliness. Congratulations to Kate, Robyn what a sweet name.

  12. Wow! Congratulations to Kate and welcome to the world little baby Robyn - there is one girl who will (I'm guessing) have a room filled with gorgeous art!

    I love the new gift wrap and cards - so cute!

    And thanks for your encouraging words on my blog - they worked wonders!

  13. There's so much excitement happening over there!

    CONGRATULATIONS to Kate and the little one! That bird mug is super cute!

  14. Congratulations on the new addition to Belle and Boo! What great news!

  15. Wow, very impressive!!I love your beautiful art!!


  16. Congratulations to Kate and new baby too!

    Your gift wrap is so adorable I would hate for anyone to rip it up! I think it would make lovely drawer liners in a nursery or maybe even lining the back of a bookcase:) Beautiful!!

  17. Your gift wrap is totally adorable :)

  18. Oh, a big congratulations to Kate and Robyn... what wonderful, wonderful news!!! I love your gifts!!! And congrats on all of your great coverage! You deserve it Mandy... you're wonderful!!!

  19. oh happy times! i hope she and baby are doing great!

    love the new wrapping paper too!



  20. Lots of lovely stuff as always, I LOVE the little rugby/football boy print on your wrapping paper. The print I bought from you is always admired by our visitors and Twiglet tells everyone it is him :)
    Twiggy x

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