Friday, 27 February 2009

Sweet Soaps

Thank you for all your Christmas card love, now I promise I wont mention Christmas again until, ooooohhh at least September !!

Belle & Boo is getting busier by the day & I am so, so grateful as I am acutely aware of the current economic climate ( how can you not be ) We are sending goodies to new homes around the world daily, which is keeping us Belle & Bunnies EXTREMELY busy. So you can imagine how excited Kate & I were when Allison from Lark approached us & asked us if we would be interested in working with them. From the moment I discovered Lark a couple of years ago, I was hooked & hoped that one day they might sell Belle & Boo, so to be represented by them in Australia and New Zealand is a little dream come true. Here is a small selection of what they sell.

Not only are their products gorgeous, they are a family run business with great Ethical Policies I couldn't be happier.
Lark will now distribute our prints & a selection of badges & magnets to Australian wholesalers. They are also producing smaller 2" pocket mirrors which shops will be able to buy in lots of 48 in this cute box

& these soaps which take me straight back to my childhood.

I can't wait to be able to start selling them in our Belle & Boo shops, we are tweaking with colours at the moment, to get them just right.

Also, handy hint, any of you lovely, sunny Australian customers can now shop at Lark on line and have your goodies shipped internally... gentler on the environment & your wallet !

I decided after some helpful & some slightly rude feedback ! to try selling the gift wrap rolled, in lots of 4, I hope it's the right decision ?
Last week I searched long & hard and sourced some 'OK' priced postal tubes and the shipping cost, although a little more expensive is not too horrendous.
The problem with Etsy is the reduced shipping cost option, it makes it so complicated.
For example if you buy a print and then gift wrap, it can't go in the same packaging, so we need to charge full price on both products. Yet what if someone wants to buy 8 sheets of wrap which can all go in the same packaging? to charge double shipping in this instance is ludicrous & don't get me started if someone wants wrap and cards, aahhhhh !!!!!!

Anyway I am going to give it ago, any ideas would be appreciated.

Russ and I popped into the Saatchi Gallery the other day 'Ghost' by Kader Attia was quite beautifully haunting.


  1. oh yes - I remember soaps like that ~ how wonderful, I can't wait until they are in your shop, emma x

  2. Look at all those cute products! I love stuff like that! Congratulations!

  3. The soaps are wonderful - I remember getting soaps like that when I was very little and never wanting to use them. I also used to love getting stationery sets for Christmas - you should make some!

  4. Those soaps are just wonderful! Good luck with your shipping issues! x

  5. I know exactly what those soaps will smell of! I want them so badly but could I bring myself to use them? Probably not... So lovely! Everything you do seems to be on just the right side of nostalgia.

  6. Look at those soaps! you're a belle and boo product machine! (in a good way).

    re shipping daftness - i don't use the etsy combined shipping tool as my things are all different weights but i do use the refund tool in paypal.

    when someones orders more than one item of the same-ish weight i always refund some of the shipping, so they don't pay double.

  7. the soaps are adorable....i want them all!
    your illustrations are gorgeous, they make me feel nostalgic for my childhood
    take care, sharon x

  8. Those soaps are so dear. I think I like the one with the rabbit on it best!

  9. those soaps are gorgeous. I used to collect soaps you could buy from the chemist when I was about 8. Why I do not know? We lived in the tropics so they'd go all gross and crumble. My favorite was a tin of Lily of the Valley.

  10. Congratulations, what fantastic news!
    Oohhh I just adore those sweet soaps, too cute.

  11. Congratulations!
    Your illustrations are so lovely I could see them in more products: bed linen, wall stickers,all kind of accessories...
    You may become the next Yuko Shimizu. And I'll be able to say I knew about Belle&Boo since 2007. Well if this is what you wish for.

  12. Those soaps - until you mentioned them and your memory I hadn't thought about the transfer soaps in years. I remember a Holly Hobby one I cherished (but didn't use) for many years!

  13. I'm so glad to hear that things are still moving along over there. And it's always exciting when something new turns up or becomes developed!

    Sweet wrapping paper, deary!

  14. just a huge sigh - oh how i loved those soaps! i never wanted to use the ones we nice to remember them! thank you!! belle and boo sented rubbers next!

  15. Oh my goodness, the soaps are adorable!

  16. wow those soaps definitely take me back! it all looks fabulous - what fun you must be having :-)

  17. Such great stuff!! All of the Belle and Boo product are just gorgeous!
    As for the Etsy shipping matter - i totally hear you on that and have no solution quite yet... hmmm. I'm just learning to operate my etsy store since a month.. great site!!

  18. Hello,
    I am having a giveaway contest to say thanks for voting for my photo. I have added your name to the list. The prize will be drawn on March 16th.
    Thanks again,

  19. How excited was I to deliver my product to a wonderful childrens boutique today and discover that the owner had a fresh delivery or your prints ready to hang! With my humble product??? Very exciting for me.I'm so happy I can now buy your work here : )

  20. I have not seen soaps like that since I was a very little girl. Just love those!!


  21. What a blast from the past, those soaps...hmmm I wonder if I could recreate them? I make soaps, but had completely forgotten about those!