Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Getting There

It's slowly all coming together. I spent the day looking after the gorgeous baby Robyn, whilst Kate worked on the business plan (doesn't that sound grand!) we lunched in front of Tower Bridge, ham sandwich for me, milk for Robyn! but anyway I am getting side tracked what I really popped on here to say before I go and eat the delicious dinner Russ has made for me is......
... I have just uploaded the new invites, notebooks & blank cards on to Etsy all made from recycled card & paper & all very sweet.
Invites are flat cards, printed on both sides, there are 8 in a pack, with white recycled envelopes.

Ava's Tea Party

& for the boys Pirate Party

There are 4 different Note Books, I am not sure which my favourite is just yet

oohh I don't really have time to list all the new cards (Russ is hovering!) but quickly I will just upload my favourite

& one last thing a BIG thanks for all the feedback left on my last post, it really helps to know what you are thinking.


  1. Wow Mandy, how do you do it all. The invites are totally gorgeous and I love the notebooks. Someone has been working very hard. Love to Kate x


    I thought I had commented on the last post but I must have been interrupted midway by one of my kiddos and all was lost from there, ha ha. Anyway, these new items are absolutely gorgeous and so useful and at amazing prices!!!

    I am eager to purchase them soon and that little dress is so adorable. Eleanor is wearing her lost dress today and she looks so cute in it :O)

    Susan (the lucky mrs.deane)

  3. ohhhhhh gorgeous!!!!!!

    why had i not planned a pirate party, instead of my cowboy party! damn!

    all your work is just so delectable x

    i am in love

  4. Everything is BEAUTIFUL.
    I have a soft spot for the invitates and notebooks.
    I wish you the best for your next plans.

  5. I like them all! Your style is lovely :o)

  6. Oh wow! They are just fabulous! Totally loving all of them. Thanks for showing. :) K

  7. Now I know my Ella doesn't turn 5 for another 18 Months, but I feel I need to order those invites now! They would be PERFECT for what I am planning.... (they only get a b'day party every 2nd year).

  8. I love those invites so very very much,,,wonderful, xx

  9. Mandy, you are a wonderful illustrator. I love your work. I hope to start putting my drawings on acornpies this fall when my youngest goes back to school. Keep going, you are making beautiful things!

  10. just lovely! thank you notes next please! then, we'd get a thank you for the thank you card!

  11. i got the cowboy and indian notebook and the girl and bunny one too from the red door gallery and am deeply in love with them! xxxx

  12. I am so glad I just found your blog...and you're on etsy! Too perfect. I love this invites. Your art work is amazing. You already know that though!

  13. How sweet! And what a coincidence that I wrote on my blog about a real little girl called Ava who had a special birthday tea party!


  14. I just came across your gorgeous cards and can't believe I've been missing out all this time... I just posted one to my sister for her birthday - I didn't want to part with it! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  15. Hello

    I just want to say your illustrations are beautiful! I've seen your work in Frankie a while back and your poster is on my wall :-D