Sunday, 12 July 2009

sOOOOoooo many NEW products

I have spent the entire weekend, photographing, resizing, colour adjusting NEW products. WWhhoooooo HHoooooo I would like to say, it's all done, but oh no, no, no, no, I am actually going a little crazy ! I am only about half way through, but I thought I would give you a sneaky peek, before they are available in the shops.

Large Prints
We are constantly asked for larger prints, so have decided to start with these 2,
Ava's Tea Party : To fit a 16" by 20" frame

Pirate Party : To fit a 40cm by 40cm frame.

Note Books
Which if I do say so myself are so yummy and well made, they are produced by 1973 & are printed with vegetable inks on board made from 100% recycled pulp.
There are 4 styles all together, here is a peek at 2

Check back soon, to see a new dress, part invitations and 8 new blank greeting cards.
Actually whilst I think about it I wanted to ask your opinion about other possible new products. We might have an opportunity to produce a range of bath time products for young children 3-7 year olds. It is a delicious, natural, nostalgic range of products, but it would involve a sizable investment, I guess Kate & I are just weighing up the pros and cons & any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

OK my eyes are square, gotta go and stare at the sky for a while x


  1. Oh I love all your new work. fabulous as ever. I'd love to turn one of your girls into a clay sculpture!

  2. A notebook with Belle and Boo on the cover?! I can't wait!

  3. Oh again! Great! Do the prints without frame come with a passepartout? Would be good to know for my customers!

    I have been waiting a long time for the Belle & Boo soaps allready, I have seen them once on a website from Australia, I guess. If I were you I would start of with these!! It would be such a lovely present!

    Good luck!!


  4. tea party!!! cuuuutttee!!!!

  5. Love it all...keep on working hard. i hope it all pays off for of luck with the new's beautiful!

  6. I really dig the notebooks. Hopefully your new work reaches me in my part of the world.I found an old postcard of yours a while back and coudn't resist buying it. Its to be framed and hung in my bedroom.

  7. Notebooks - what a wonderful idea. It think maybe diary's would be lovely - aka journals. I just thought of this ... it's cheesy, but .... One side is for the daughter or son to write in and you flip it over and use the other half for the parent. Later in life, both will appreciate their writings. As always, you are a beautfiul artist!

  8. LOvely!! I already have AVa's Tea Party, but I think I need the pirate party too heheh
    I adore the notebook also!

    Bath Products! How gorgeous! They would make fabulous gifts :)

  9. soooo gorgeous. any product that you produce would be amazing, so bring on the bath goodies!

    please tell me you are doing the cowboy party invites? ;)


  10. They look fabulous - worthy of some creative myopia ;) Funny... I have sewing/crafting specs but don't need them for reading yet! The pictures look amazing - loving the pirate one - and I really like the notebooks too! Thanks for sharing. K

  11. Hi Mandy

    All of your hard work will pay off. You come up with innovative and absolutlely beautiful products.

    I love the notebook idea, so very sweet.

    I look forward to stopping by again very soon and checking out all of your Belle and Boo goodness.


  12. Beautiful work! I love the notebooks!!! They're great! It seems a great idea your bath products!

  13. Oh Mandy! I ADORE the notebooks! Can't wait for them to be available in the shop! :)

    Catherine xx

  14. the note books are a great idea,

    my thoughts on the bath products, i do think there is a gap in the market for products that are natural but are packaged to look good, i have to be very careful about what i use on my kids skin, but still what it to smell nice & look pretty in the bathroom, if whats in the bottles works well, people are prepared to spend on them, but i do need to be careful having been caught out in the past, as some products which are labelled natural, still contain nasty things in them!

  15. the new items are all fabulous - i especially like the notebooks.

  16. I love the bath products idea! Great for my 4 year old girl and great for christmas gifts!!

    Heather Fantello

  17. the bath range sounds wonderful...perfect for gifts and i'd be joining the queue for sure in the shops! x

  18. These look gorgeous! I love the notebooks! Perfect for gifts.

    And adjusting colours...I have been spending so much time on this :(

    The photographs look great!

  19. I cannot wait for the notbooks and new cards, all my friends comment when I write to them in one. The invites are a brilliant idea aswell I am always making my own as I cannot find ones I like so this will save me alot of time!

    My thoughts on bath products are that it is a huge market and especially at this financial time may not be the time to risk a big investment. I would rather see extensions of what you already do maybe along the Homewares line which is empty on your site, Cushions with the images on, Childrens Apron and more clothing as I love my daughters tea pony dress but there is nothing else available. I also think the diary idea that another comment made below is a great idea.

    Hope this is useful and cannot wait to order some of the new stationary

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  21. Your new products are just wonderful, but your photography of them is also outstanding :)

    Fee @

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