Saturday, 28 November 2009

Melbourne here I come

So my tickets are booked, I am hugely excited, russ and I fly to Melbourne this Friday. We arrive just before lunch so I think an afternoon of visiting all the amazing shops I read about on blogs is in order. Then I am joining Allison from Lark at the Sister's Market on Saturday 10am-4pm, please come by and say 'hi', I have a bunch of Christmas postcards to give away. Then I think on Sunday we are heading off to The Great Ocean Road and a few days later ending up at Daylesford to stay in such a pretty cottage (photos to follow) If anyone reading this has any tips, favourite places, must do's, must see's please drop me a line. I visited Melbourne a few years ago and feel I only just touched the surface of what the city has to offer.
Also I thought I would show you a sneaky peek of one of the projects I have been working on lately, it is a backdrop for a children's play area. if it goes ahead my illustrations will be life size & everywhere (gulp!) This first image for example will be applied to a pillar.

There will be 19 children featured all together, these are 2 of my favouites


  1. sorrento/portsea day trip/ overnight trip would be wonderful... my favorite place in this world.

    daylesford will be just as lovely, but does not have the beautiful beaches that Portsea has to offer.

    melbourne is such a great multi-cultural and arty city, there is so much to see, it all depends on how much time you have whilst you are here!

    So sad that i won't be at the Sister's Market!

    Enjoy Melbourne and it's beautiful people!

    :) x

  2. Oh my! That IS exciting! Make sure you come visit! I can tell you some great places to go! Send me an email, if you would like! xx Pip

    meetmeatmikes at gmail dot com

  3. I don't know anything about Australia, but I just wanted to say I'm in Switzerland for work, and saw Belle & Boo postcards, birthday cards, and notebooks in an adorable store called Lilli Tulipan. So nice to see them in person!

  4. oooo that all sounds so exciting. I remember seeing the Great Ocean Road when I was backpacking in Oz, the 12 Apostles were pretty impressive. I remember having every weather possible in one day, during a September trip - rain, sunshine, snow, rainbows! LOVE your new illustrations and can't think of anything better than life size ones, nerve wracking though I should think! I'm sat here with the rain and wind beating against the window yet again! You're in the best place! Have a great trip, looking forward to seeing the cottage.

  5. Melbourne, my city away from Brazil! ohhh .. so jealous :)
    have a wonderful time Mandy. xxoo

  6. I'm from Perth, but am lucky enough to have friends that own a holiday home in Daylesford. You must visit Lavendula when you are there - it is beautiful, and an exquisite way to spend an afternoon.

  7. Oooh! My home town! I hope you have a wonderful time! Fitzroy is a great area to spend some time in. And for restaurants I highly recommend my sister's! (And not just because I am biased!) It's Kamel Restaurant in Albert Park They do middle eastern/north african mezze dishes, australian wines, turkish delight ice cream - I miss it! Let me know if you have a chance to go and I will make sure they look after you ;)

  8. You will love Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. Drive carefully and have fun!

    Wish it wasn't sooooo far to the markets!

  9. Aww! You do children well! And clothes! I particularly like the halloween illustration, little witch belle, pumpkins and a rabbit dressed as a ghost.

    I just wandered over from Abigail Halpin's blog.

  10. You can't go wrong wandering through Melbourne's arcades. There are lots of lovely treasures to discover.

  11. have a wonderful trip Mandy!!! You escaped London just as the weather went soggy and dark! looking forward to seeing the photos of your trip! xxxx

  12. Oh, how exciting! Adorable and I'm sure they'll be everywhere!

  13. It was awesome meeting you today Mandy! Thanks so much for chatting with me :)
    Your new artwork is stunning, I do hope it all goes ahead and life size Belle & Boo creations become a reality!
    I just emailed the photos to you. It's a pretty large email so maybe it will go to your junk folder - so just wanted to let you know to check there too, just in case. Let me know if the email doesn't get to you and I'll break it down into a few smaller ones.
    Natasha xo

  14. Oh you must go to High Street Armadale to shop and in particular Ivory, The Enchanted Closet (there is also one in Woodend just near Daylesford), Mimco and Cooper and Millas- enjoy!

  15. *Sighs* I wish I wish I wish I lived in the wonderful world of Oz...

  16. Mandy one of your cards is on the front of the Observer Food monthly today! Sophie Dahl is sitting on a fridge to which a B&B christmas card* has been stuck! x

    * my favourite spot - winter

  17. Hi Mandy, how are you?
    I loved your blog and your work! Very beautiful! The talent and sensitivity!
    Congratulations! Kisses,Rozani

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  19. Gorgeous pictures, I look forward to seeing them everywhere!

  20. Your illustrations are beautiful: just the right mix of sweetness and naughtiness!