Friday, 30 January 2009

Greetings Cards

Due to the wonderful response I have had to Dress Up Belle & I due the fact I LOVE drawing her cute little outfits, I have uploaded 2 more free outfits. These were inspired by the AMAZING Kathleen of Grosgrain. If you haven't visited her site you MUST, her creations are so inspiring & she is HUGELY generous regularly giving away her adorable creations.

This is her daughter wearing her Downtown Outfit and this is Belle modeling her paper version. Downloadable here.

Here is Kathleen's Sarsaparilla Outfit

and here is Belle's ! downloadable here.

Just in case you wondered Kathleen has given me permission to share these outfits with you, how nice is she !

Kate and I were at Top Drawer last week, not exhibiting this time, but visiting nineteenseventythree's stand and seeing our NEW range of Greetings cards, postcards & wrap.

I have been a fan of nineteenseventythree's work for a while now it started with their Babushka doll wrapping paper that I couldn't get enough of.

So I bullied Kate into approaching them at the last Top Drawer and suggesting they might like to print some Belle & Boo Cards !
Here is a sneak peek I will be photographing them properly next week and then they will be for sale on our Belle & Boo website. If you can't wait & want to see the range click here.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos yet of the wrap, but you can see it here, its pretty adorable & very flattering and exciting that such a cool company is taking a chance with us.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A VERY Happy New Year...........

.......I have a feeling it's going to be a good one.

Sorry for being away so long, I can't believe its nearly Feb.
My Christmas break was wonderful. Kate held the fort regards emails & orders, enabling Russ & I to have almost 2 weeks off.
First we travelled North and spent time with both our families. I love these photos, my mum & dad on honeymoon in Africa & my sister, when she was a little girl.

Then we spent four blustery, yummy, cosy, funny days in Dorset with good friends to welcome in the New Year.

Since then it's been work, work, work. Kate has been handing over responsibility to the lovely Tracy as her baby is due at the beginning of February

& I have been catching up on wholesale orders & LOTs of other exciting things that will be revealed with time !

I also finalised the first Dress Up Belle & Boo, she is available now in both shops here & here.

She comes with 4 cute outfits & a little scarf for Boo

& as a Happy New Year gift to all you lovely readers, I have designed 2 extra little outfits which you can download for free. Just click here & here.

I suggest you print them on to heavy weight matt paper, you may have to alter the size of the page to fit your printer, they are currently set up as A4 (but do NOT shrink or enlarge the actual image they are Belle's perfect fit!) Any problems just get in touch and I will try to help :)

I am very excited about 2009 there are lots of positive changes a foot.......bring it on !