Friday, 27 February 2009

Sweet Soaps

Thank you for all your Christmas card love, now I promise I wont mention Christmas again until, ooooohhh at least September !!

Belle & Boo is getting busier by the day & I am so, so grateful as I am acutely aware of the current economic climate ( how can you not be ) We are sending goodies to new homes around the world daily, which is keeping us Belle & Bunnies EXTREMELY busy. So you can imagine how excited Kate & I were when Allison from Lark approached us & asked us if we would be interested in working with them. From the moment I discovered Lark a couple of years ago, I was hooked & hoped that one day they might sell Belle & Boo, so to be represented by them in Australia and New Zealand is a little dream come true. Here is a small selection of what they sell.

Not only are their products gorgeous, they are a family run business with great Ethical Policies I couldn't be happier.
Lark will now distribute our prints & a selection of badges & magnets to Australian wholesalers. They are also producing smaller 2" pocket mirrors which shops will be able to buy in lots of 48 in this cute box

& these soaps which take me straight back to my childhood.

I can't wait to be able to start selling them in our Belle & Boo shops, we are tweaking with colours at the moment, to get them just right.

Also, handy hint, any of you lovely, sunny Australian customers can now shop at Lark on line and have your goodies shipped internally... gentler on the environment & your wallet !

I decided after some helpful & some slightly rude feedback ! to try selling the gift wrap rolled, in lots of 4, I hope it's the right decision ?
Last week I searched long & hard and sourced some 'OK' priced postal tubes and the shipping cost, although a little more expensive is not too horrendous.
The problem with Etsy is the reduced shipping cost option, it makes it so complicated.
For example if you buy a print and then gift wrap, it can't go in the same packaging, so we need to charge full price on both products. Yet what if someone wants to buy 8 sheets of wrap which can all go in the same packaging? to charge double shipping in this instance is ludicrous & don't get me started if someone wants wrap and cards, aahhhhh !!!!!!

Anyway I am going to give it ago, any ideas would be appreciated.

Russ and I popped into the Saatchi Gallery the other day 'Ghost' by Kader Attia was quite beautifully haunting.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Christmas Cards in February !

I find the publishing industry so confusing, Christmas designs needed by February, Valentine cards back in September, how do I know I will even still like these next December? Fingers crossed I will.......ooohhhh & Kate called a few hours ago from the Design Museum (her first trip out with baby Robyn) to say they were selling our Birthday cards YYYeeeyyyyyy, I'm very, very chuffed.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

New Belle & Boo Baby

I am pleased to report that Kate has had a happy, healthy baby girl & she is called Robyn. This is my gift to her a pretty cup made by Jane Hogben. I am hoping to visit them early next week so I will take my camera, maybe I will wrap the cup in our new gift wrap !

I have found it hard to concentrate over the past few days waiting for news about Kate, so I busied myself taking photos of the new cards and wrap and uploading them to both websites. They are now all available to buy here and here I hope you like them.

Another wonderful distraction was a surprise package that arrived from France.

Not only was the card was by Chihiro Iwasaki a firm favorite of mine but it also featured a robin & look inside, aren't they beautiful...

Merci Beaucoup Claire you made me really happy.

I really enjoyed watching the BRITS this year & thought I would mention that the film my prints featured in il y a longtemps que je t aime won 2 awards, unfortunately they were not for set design & more specifically not for the set design of a little girls room! but I thought it was worth a mention anyway!

Belle & Boo have been receiving more great press, I really like this spread in Easy Living magazine, where they used 5 of our art works. I also like the fact Davina Mc Call is on the front as she pinched Russ's bum once at a party !

Also it was extremely flattering to be chosen to promote Etsy in this gorgeous German magazine.

Kate & I really have to remember to keep track of when we are appearing in an English Magazine. The week we featured in Living At Home, my Swiss auntie sent me a colour photocopy of the artical & we received 2 magazines from the publishers, with a hand written note telling us which page we were featured wonderfully organised and German !

& last but not least, look at these scrummy cupcakes made by Chelsea Alexander for a Cowboy themed baby shower. YYYYYeeeeeeeHHhhAAAAAWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww !

Thursday, 5 February 2009


So the weekend just gone, Russ & I escaped to Beautiful Bath for hot chocolate, hot chocolate muffins & the Therma Spa . It was ssoooooooooooooo cold but you will be please to know we braved the roof top pool twice, warming up later in the 4 steamy, steam rooms.

Driving back to London in a mini blizard, we stopped by Windsor Castle to throw some snowballs & then slowly made our way back home.

Gosh snow makes everything look pretty.... even the North Circular looked Christmas card esq !

This is the park at the bottom of our street.