Saturday, 20 June 2009

Firstly, sorry I am a day later announcing the winner of the Fern Bunny give away, it was comment number 27, Mrs Deane ( & in my rush I forgot to screen grab the number from the random number generator to share with you, so this time I will have to ask you to trust me ) There will be more giveaways soon, so watch this space.
Here are the 4 drawings I did for the Draw 4 exhibition at Art Star it was so lovely working on these, no computers involved, just good old fashioned pen & ink, my hand actually ached after working on them !

The series is called 'Dress Up' & I intend on doing lots more. If you are interested in buying them you can look online here

Thursday, 18 June 2009

We've Moved

It's official Belle & Boo have now moved. Our new home is in Bristol & it's fabulous, the girls (Tracy & Helena) did such a good job finding the space. I am super jealous I won't be able to work from there all of the time. My studio space in London is looking very bare, when I have some time I need to lavish it with some serious love and attention.
It's such an exciting & slightly scary time. I have always loved packaging up orders, but lately it has taken up ALL my time & I haven't been able to create. Even though I can't wait to start drawing again, I know I am going to miss all the boxes and bubble wrap...but one thing I know I WON'T miss is queuing at the post office ! Tracy & Helena both have young children at primary school, so working for Belle & Boo a few days a week is such a great set up for them, it seems my dream of having a cottage industry run by friends, that accommodates family and lifestyle is slowly but surely coming true. Kate & I will both mainly still work from our homes in London, but will be visiting Bristol ALOT especially when there is coffee & croissants involved !

This is the entrance, it doesn't look much now, but with a lick of paint & some plants we can imagin, Belle & Boo private views, out here.

This is the space, very much a work in progress at the moment, we need LOTS of storage units & of course some pretty pictures on the wall.

Desks & stock.......

Tracy's daughter Rose, very kindly let me stay in her bedroom for a couple of nights, whilst we organised the studio.

I have always had a thing about dolls houses & when I looked in the window of Rose's I wasn't disappointed there were two fairies reading and drinking tea !

Saturday, 13 June 2009


I completely forgot to mention in my post yesterday that I have 4 original pen and ink drawings in an exhibition at Art Star in Philidelphia. The opening is tonite, I am SUPER jealous of anyone that can go. I will pop some photos of the work on next time I post, OK back to the packing !

Friday, 12 June 2009

The BIG Move

My goodness, it is mayhem here at the moment, as i get ready for the BIG move.
About 6 months ago it became clear that my lovely studio ( which is palatal compared to my humble beginnings of a small desk in the lounge ) was sadly getting too small for the growing business. Kate & I started looking at premises in London (which are SSOOOOO expensive & tiny) then Tracy suggested she took over the posting and packaging side of Belle & Boo where she lives in Bristol. Freeing me up to create, something I have been struggling to do amidst the day to day running of an online business. So on Monday, Russ & I will pack everything up and drive the 2 hours to Bristol where Tracy has rented an ex-photographers studio for a quarter of the price.
My hall way looks like this.....

and I am still having to negotiate my way to the post office with orders like this......

I admit I am SO darned excited by the prospect of just drawing again.

In between the packaging I have been doing some lovely things
The Kuniyoshi exhibition at The Royal Academy followed by afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons,

A VERY fancy weekend at Hoarcross Hall with my mum and sister, where we pampered ourselves rotten & I had a golf lesson, which was hilarious & exhausting !

& Russ and treated ourselves after 10 years to a new bed, it is SOooooo pretty, I feel like a princess when I go to sleep.

Belle & Boo were featured in our first news paper last weekend the Daily Mail and we have had some fantastic sales since

& big THANK YOU for all your lovely comments about Ava's Tea party, it was such a pleasure to work with Sheye again.

Lastly we are going to be discontinuing some of our prints, so watch this blog for some lovely give aways over the next few months. Today's give away is a Fern bunny mounted print to fit in a 10" by 10" frame. Just leave a comment and I will randomly select a winner, a week today (Fri 19th June)

Right, back to the bubble wrapping !!!