Saturday, 19 September 2009

Book Plates

We have wanted to sell book plates for ages now but couldn't find a supplier here in the UK (that was affordable) So thanks to the VERY lovely Sarah Jane, who gave me her contact, let me use her address for delivery (as they wouldn't ship abroad) & then organised posting 2 very heavy boxes, we can now offer book plates yipeeeee ! They are gorgeous quality prints & very easy to use with self adhesive backs, I couldn't be happier. They are now available to buy here and here.

Other news Sarah Fox has written about yours truly on her blog, you can read it here.

Belinda has had this incredibly Belle & a puppy tattoo done, she sent me a very sweet email explaining the reason behind it.

"I work with children in a kindergarten, and I think thats one reason I knew that I would never "outgrow" this tattoo, because I love my job and the kids so much. I think that's why I like your drawings as well. They really capture the innocence and beauty of Early Childhood - it is such a precious time. Plus, I liked that you named her Belle, and since my name is Belinda I quite often get called Bel.

I hope you don't mind that I changed the rabbit to a puppy - it was not because I didn't like your little Boo! It was because I wanted it all to mean something, and since we are not allowed to have rabbits here in QLD, Australia (they are illegal) I went for the puppy"

I can't imagin rabbits being illegal anyway in the world, no more Boo's, boo hoo!

& Amanda sent me photos of these 4 canvases she embroidered from my images 'My Favourite Spot' She is one clever lady. The detail is incredible.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I remember thinking "phew, Thank goodness it's a whole year till I have to do that again" after finishing Top Drawer 08..... I blinked & what do you know, it's a year later & Top Drawer 09 !
It's been a mental few weeks of designing, planning, ordering, printing, cutting, gluing, lots of late nights and early mornings, lots of nervous energy & bitten finger nails (no blogging what so ever, so Thank you, thank you for all your lovely, yummy soap comments) but it was worth it, 110%, we had such a fabulous show.

Inspiration, the scale model & design layout

Display boxes

Prop House

Packed van

Unpacking at Olympia (Kate & I felt like Thelma & Louise driving into the exhibition centre, we wanted to drive round at high speed, doing handbrake turns!)

Patrick, Kate's VERY patient partner putting up our Belle & Boo logo (we were there till 9.30 the evening before the show started)

The result

What a fun few days, Kate, Tracy & I met so many lovely people & the feedback was amazing. We showed lots of samples of new products, cushions,

Little madam angels (Ok not exactly new, but missing for a while !)

a toiletries range, shampoo, bubble bath and hand wash for children.

& book plates (which will be available in the shop in next few days)

We are hoping to have the fabric products ready for early Nov, the bubble bath early next year, so watch this space.

This year when the show finished I felt slightly sad, especially leaving this little fella behind :(

'hello' to all our new friends & thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Yummy Soaps

A delivery man arrived last week with a very heavy parcel. A sweet smelling & well traveled box, filled with Belle & Boo soaps all the way from Australia by sea. I think my favourite is 'Found' whats yours?


Giddy Up

Belle Hugs Boo


I Like Your Bow

The soaps are gentle enough for young children or adults with sensitive skin. They are made from all organic ingredients: coconut, olive, palm and sunflower oils, and delicately scented with organic oils of lavender and mandarin. The soaps are wrapped in cellophane with a pretty label, making them a perfect gift or a treat for your bathroom. They are really yummy and are now available here and here