Saturday, 28 November 2009

Melbourne here I come

So my tickets are booked, I am hugely excited, russ and I fly to Melbourne this Friday. We arrive just before lunch so I think an afternoon of visiting all the amazing shops I read about on blogs is in order. Then I am joining Allison from Lark at the Sister's Market on Saturday 10am-4pm, please come by and say 'hi', I have a bunch of Christmas postcards to give away. Then I think on Sunday we are heading off to The Great Ocean Road and a few days later ending up at Daylesford to stay in such a pretty cottage (photos to follow) If anyone reading this has any tips, favourite places, must do's, must see's please drop me a line. I visited Melbourne a few years ago and feel I only just touched the surface of what the city has to offer.
Also I thought I would show you a sneaky peek of one of the projects I have been working on lately, it is a backdrop for a children's play area. if it goes ahead my illustrations will be life size & everywhere (gulp!) This first image for example will be applied to a pillar.

There will be 19 children featured all together, these are 2 of my favouites

Monday, 23 November 2009

This Weekend.....

..... Russ & I house & dog sat this little fella, Rupert. Our friends have just painted their house yellow, I thinks its so pretty, as are the agapanthus (one of my favourite flowers) that seem to grow wild everywhere in Sydney.

Their house is in Surry Hills; its full of yummy places to eat & cute boutique shops, I was thrilled to discover this paper shop and even more thrilled to see they stocked Belle & Boo (excuse the blurry photos I think my cameras was covered in suntan lotion!)

On the Saturday I had such fun at Magnolia Square 'hello' to everyone I met, you all made me feel so welcome. Carla's stall looked beautiful and our prints complimented her range of bedding perfectly.

It is such a lovely event, the location is stunning, there are even pony rides for the children & a very high standard of stalls throughout.

A special thank you to Lisa from The Red Thread for her inspiring words and of course to Carla for inviting me along.

I am very excited to announce I will now be attending the Sister's Market SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER from 10am-2pm at Brunswick Town Hall, with Allison from Lark. If you can make it please come along and say 'hi' I have a HUGE bunch of free postcards that will be exclusive to the market.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Magnolia Square

I must admit I hadn't heard of Magnolia Square until I arrived in Australia, but now I have, I am SO excited to be visiting the Sydney event twice. It starts this Thursday at 2pm at the Oaks Lawn Marquee at Randwick Racecourse

& is on for 3 days. I am meeting a friend there for some serious Christmas shopping on Thursday & then I will be there again this Saturday to sign prints and generally just say "hello". You will find me at Habitat Baby with the lovely Carla, from 11am.

If you are attending (& I think you should !) please come by and say 'hi' I will have a large stack of free postcards with me & I love making new Belle & Boo friends.

Oohhh & I just thought I would share this pic I took on the way to the pool, as it contains 2 of my favorite things, blue skies and 'where the wild things are' I am counting down the days :)

Also thank you to Tania for sending me this gorgeous picture & message

"My 6 year old daughter takes ballet lessons and will be performing in a recital in May. Apparently the music comes from "The 4 seasons". The ballet teacher asked the children to draw up a picture inspired by one of the 4 seasons. Caitlin was complaining that she didn't know what to draw, so I told her I knew a lady who did these wonderful drawings and that I would show her on the computer. So, when I showed her your "My favourite spot" drawings she fell in love with "winter". She used your picture as an example and I thought she did pretty well for a 6 year old, so I scanned it and attached it for you. Sending you a little snow for your christmas down under"

Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Christmasey products

I have spent the last 2 days uploading our Christmas goodies here and here. It's felt a little strange when nipping outside for a computer break requires sunglasses and factor 30+ but I couldn't leave it any longer. There are approximately only 4 weeks left for guaranteed International Christmas post !
Where ever you are in the world I hope the following images make you feel festive.

3 New 10" by 10" Fine Art Prints

12 New Beautifully printed Christmas Cards

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Other Side of the World

So here I am sat at my new temporary desk, on my new lap top, in a whole new country. We have been in Sydney for 5 days & today is the first day I feel vaguely normal. I think Russ & I masked any jet lag we had in Singapore with all our socialising & the time difference only really hit us when we arrived in Australia.
It was so good being back in Singapore, the smell, the heat, the ease, the friendliness and of course the food. I had forgotten just how good the food is and how cheap. We treated ourselves to a plush hotel, we were on the 31st floor and felt very high up indeed until we popped over to the NAB for a cocktail on the 71st floor !

We had a wonderful time at our friends wedding,

The invite said wedding attire; Colonial chic followed by beach ware for the reception at Sentosa beach (& bring your bathers) Even knowing this I had to do a double take when I realised my friend was doing her first dance in a frilly white bikini & looking just beautiful.
Thank you to Gemma for letting me share her gorgeous photos with you.

Russ & I met up with old friends and new, this is the lovely Mylene and Jonathon, who I hand delivered a Belle & Boo order to.

and who inspired me to hunt out this cute polaroid effect download, that looks like this on your screen.

Our first few days in Sydney have been equally fun, thank you so much for all the wonderful welcome messages, but more about here in my next post, because as I 'may' have mentioned I am here for another 11 weeks, yyippeeeee !

Just before I sign off my friend has relaunched her pretty online shop & if you mention my blog when you place an order (in the comments section in Paypal) she will refund you 20%

& last but most importantly a BIG Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to my lovely mum & dad.