Monday, 15 February 2010

Congratulations to....

the random number generator picked comment number 51 ( Just in case you wondered, if someone has left 2 comments I will only accept the first comment as a winning entry, so if the random number generator picked the number which is a secondary comment I would go again, this didn't happen, but for future giveaways I wanted that to be clear....hope it is!)

Belle & Boo received 2 fantastic emails this week the first was from Gwenke,

Dear Mandy and Kate,
I recently discovered your art and I find it really very pretty. It warms one's heart.
I have a request if I may.
I play the Sims2 games, I've no idea if you've heard of it. Essentially it's a 'dollhouse' style simutaion game by Electronic Arts. It is not an on-line network game or anything like that.
The main thing is, it is possible to use outside images to make things that can be used in-game. I have made some wall art and postcards using your images on Etsy. I would like to ask your permission to share them with others so that others can have them in their game as well.
I would of course name the source and add a link to your Etsy page.
It's all for fun and nobody is getting any money from this.
I plan to post at and
I hope it's OK with you. Thank you for your time.
(I'm attaching a pic of what I made.)
Best regards,

We gave her permission and this is what she created,

I think they look so cool in the virtual world, if you want to use them for your own game she has posted them here

The second was from the lovely Jules, she is a Melbourne based photographer, you can see more of her gorgeous work here.

Hi Mandy & Helena,
Just wanted to send you the link to some pictures of Ivy's 2nd birthday. Not sure if you remember but i ordered the invites recently on etsy and they came with envelopes already stuck down and you kindly sent more. I was then telling you how I was having a tea party for Ivy and Belle and Boo ( and Ava) was my inspiration. It was such a magical day and I must say I was a little worried about the 7 boys attending, not so about the 5 little ladies. However, to my delight they sat there for a good hour eating yummy treats and sipping rosie tea out of my Nana's tea cups!
Ivy loved her Tea pony dress and especially her Belle and Boo print.
Finally I wanted to also say that you will see in the pics that I did a giant game of "Help Belle find her duck" (aka Pin the tail on the donkey). I know it was really naughty to enlarge Belle but it was a HUGE success and a great idea for you guys???
So thank you for Belle and Boo - we love them!

simply stunning, I especially like the doily bunting & the cake... cute beyond words x

If you have any Belle & Boo stuff you would like to share please, please send it to us, we love to see what's going on.


  1. The tea-party pics are sooo cute. Also lovely letters/E-mails....
    It's always great to hear from people nice words :-) Right?

  2. Wow, what beautiful pictures!

    Just replying to your comment on my blog - the rug was from Habitat. The make was concetta. I saw online that they still do some things from this range (vases and cups). I bought the rug from the shop, not online.

    Hope that helps!

    S x

  3. What pretty pictures, I so want to have birthday tea just like that. Can you get away with that at 33? By the way I love Belle and Boo so much, the illustratons are adorable, congratulations for all your success, you really do deserve it. X

  4. Oh Ivy-girl I love you so! How beautiful are the pictures that Jules took of the Belle and Boo inspired tea party??? So lovely of you Mandy, to share with the world.

    My two are sitting at the table there under the magnolia tree!

    The virtual rooms with your pictures is hilarious, but beautiful! The girl has taste! :)


  5. What a sweet birthday party!

    I have ordered the invites for MY 30th birthday!! hehe I'm really just a big kid at heart :)

  6. Ivy's birthday party looks beautiful!

  7. Wow, it is amazing to see that your stunning creations are doing the rounds. The tea party pictures are gorgeous, what a sweet idea.
    Thank you for the comment about my photo's. It was sweet. I am starting a photography course in April so things should only get better.

  8. This tea party is awesome! Could have been my own daughter, she already has the cute dress from tea pony ... Oh, I adore all your cute artworks. As a matter of fact, I'm planning a giveaway. I looked in my pretty present basket and found two of your cutest pocket mirrors and some gorgeous buttons. Decided to fill my giveaway packages with those loveliest! Just to let you know .... talented Kate & Mandy! Have a sweet Tuesday.

    Happy Thoughts!

  9. I wish a party like this... although I´m 32!!!! But it´s the perfect reason to do it with my 6 months baby...

  10. These party pictures are so gorgeous! Also, the colouring is great - vintage, yet modern. A living dream!

  11. what beautiful pictures!
    The tea-party sooo cute.
    Your works are very creative.Your blog has life and color!
    A greeting from Argentina.

  12. Way too cute! I wish I had little girls to have tea parties with! :)

  13. Juut thought I'd let you know that Belle and Boo has a small mention in the Daily Mail's Saturday supplement.

  14. Isn't that just the most adorable tea party ever! So very like the drawing too. Mandy you could have a Look book - you know like the fashion designers do or people like Cabbages and Roses on their website,and these photos would showcase your Belle&boo dress beautifully. But you'd also need a photo shoot in a nursery with B&B on the walls....
    Lots of love kat xx