Monday, 15 February 2010


At the moment Russ & I are all snugged up house sitting for friends in Instow Devon. We have been coming to this part of Devon for over 10 years now, ever since Russ discovered his love of surfing. We used to always camp, then a few years ago good friends moved here & we swapped our inflatable mattress for a very comfy double bed. I have been pondering the correlation between our friends buying a house here and my lack of surfing. I think it comes down to the fact that when camping I used the chance to surf as some sort of wash, but now there are bubble baths & a power shower at my finger tips, surfing has been largely replaced with bike rides that more often than not end up at teashops selling scones thick with cream !

Although this afternoon scones were scoffed at a very Miss Marplesque hotel with my parents.

it's a good job I get to play football on the beach, otherwise I will turn into clotted cream !

PS Joyce from Pattern & Perspectives, yes we will soon be selling the Belle & Boo tape, I am not sure how to contact you so I really hope you see this :)


  1. yummy! those scones look delicious!!!

    what is this tape you are going to be selling? I am excited by the possibility of what it could be!

  2. oh not sure how i missed that tape.. now i see!!

    GORGEOUS! I want some now please! :)

  3. wow, beautiful photos again. I am missing the sea a lot...
    great, i like the tape a lot, maybe i can get a roll for my kindergarten kids, i guess they would love it :-)
    oh, and i like to say, sorry for my second comment last time, i just forgot to say something and i didn't thought about the giveaway. well, have a great weekend!

  4. Mandy - Thanks! - my email is - but emailed y'all thru etsy and I was notified that you will be figuring out the logistics and be selling the tape soon! Thanks!


  5. Ohhhh looks like you had a great time... I'ver never been to Devon but I am this summer for the first time!

  6. Since discovering your cards, I have become an avid follower of your blog and love to keep up to date with all the lovely things that you make and share! Please accept this well-deserved Sunshine Award, check out my blog to find out more:

  7. hello,

    i love, love, love belle and boo!! i just stumbled across your blog and fell in love:). i want to have kids now, just so i can purchase everything:). i'll be following your site and store- absolutely adorable!!


  8. Oh wow Mandy it's a stunning beach and what yummy scones! Just catching up and good to know you're back in England again :) Belle and boo looks to be having some exciting things coming up!! Love kat xxx

  9. Yummy, cream tea at the Commadore with the folks. Glad you had a jolly time in Instow.