Monday, 8 March 2010


I really need your help, we are doing a Belle & Boo photo shoot in a weeks time & we are desperately searching for a bed that looks like this.

Has anyone seen one for sale or hire, preferably in the UK ? If you have please let us know, we would be eternally grateful.
Also a big THANK YOU to Daily Candy for the lovely article, which you can read here.


  1. I guess you're after vintage and old looking, but IKEA do a decorative metal frame daybed which is (if I remember right) under £100 and could be painted up to look distressed. Just a thought... good luck! x

  2. I was going to say just the same thing. We have it ourselves, a large black version but they also do a white wrought iron day bed too.

    Good luck, hoep it goes well.

  3. Hi

    Ikea also do a childs extending bed called minnen @ £69 - I have one & they are very similar to what you are looking for...

    Love your work

    Love Lydia

  4. That's ironic because I am also looking for the same type of bed for my work.

  5. I have a long cot in a similar style - the sides collapse down to make a daybed - if that's any good to you?

  6. I have an old french cot, which sides fold down to create a small day bed, I've used it for craft fairs in the past it will fit in an estate car. You can see it in this post:
    You are welcome to borrow it from me, or I would be interested in selling it if you wanted to keep it.

  7. congrats on your piece on Daily Candy Kids. I haven't seen that sweet little dress- too cute!

  8. You could try the Royal National Theatre's hire Dept. Its in Kennington. They have a huge prop and furniture hire dept and may have just what you are looking for. sorry I don't have the address or number to hand but I'm sure Google can help.

  9. hi mandy - yep, can see it on the below link to my blog. incidently, i was going to let you know that your prints are also featured... x

    NOT in the UK...but this company specializes in distressing iron beds...maybe for the future