Monday, 28 June 2010

Drink Milk

I must admit I was slightly inspired to create these prints as World Cup fever grew & the English flag fluttered from more & more windows. Maybe its bad timing to add them to the shop so soon after England were wiped out by the Germans (my mum's side of the family are German so I am not too sad!) then again maybe its the perfect time. To me they conjure memories of Charles & Diana's wedding, school summer fair's and of course I am just about old enough to remember free school milk. So come on lets celebrate all things nostalgic, English & wholesome.
Screen printed & hand painted with gouache by your truly, each design is limited to just 80 (70 still available) available now here & here.

'We Make London' was hot, hot, hot. It was held in Chelsea town Hall which is a beautiful building, but not very well ventilated! So sweatily I met lots of lovely people, including Tina from Tobyboo, who has been threatening for months to buy our Spring shorts outfit for her little boy. Meanwhile this has sold out, so she settled in the end on buying a pink Boo pinny which she is going to alter so she can wear it this space! Her stall looked gorgeous, loving the long toy soilders and she had little tiny Tobyboo cupcakes to munch, yum.

She actually did it! Tobyboo we love you x


  1. OOOh school milk ! warm in the summer and frozen in the winter (then put next to the heater to defrost,mmm, not !) I remember it well :)

  2. I am so old, I can remember the old glass bottled milk in different flavours. All free, too! I always liked chocolate and lime the best. I don't go quite as far back as the milkman delivering it to the school with horse and cart but some days it feels like it. Lovely prints. xx

  3. Is that new tape I spy on your stand? I loved the original roll I got and look forward to seeing knew ones added - they're fabulous. I love the milk prints - very nostalgic. I had milk in glass bottles and a straw just like that at nursery school, we all had to sit on the reading mat whilst we drank it with a pot of raisins. Happy memories.

  4. LOVE these!!! So beautiful!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the milk prints!! me want....
    thank you so much for your lovely boo words on the other boo... am blushing at compliments from you! xx

  6. Hi Mandy,

    It was so lovely to meet you at We Make London, though briefly. I've been admiring your illustrations for a while and my daughters will absolutely love the 'no angel' dolls and notebooks.

    Looking forward to all future creations :-)