Monday, 5 July 2010

Best Week Ever

I have just had such a fun week, not only making the above bunting for an art project in West Bromich but all this other stuff too.
It started Monday night at Hyde Park, I am not & have never been a big festival goer, so when Russ and I discovered the Serpentine Sessions we were sold. Picnic benches, deck chairs, waitress service, posh loos & amazing weather (ok they can't guarantee that bit)

Tuesday, a sneaky afternoon beer & award winning pork pie, at a pub near us that we have been meaning to go to for ages.

Wednesday, a perfect day out in London with my mum, visiting both the Grace Kelly & the Quilts exhibitions at the V&A followed by tea and scones at Fortnum & Masons (you are right mum my blog is just full of pictures of what I eat!)

Thursday, a meeting about a possible licensing deal with Britian's leading Tin & Melamine manufactuter, they hold the licensees for Flower Fairies and Peter Rabbit...eek!

Friday night drinks on the terrace at the very swanky Aqua Bar Regents Street followed by dinner at The Salt Yard (these aren't my pics, it was much busier as you can imagin a sunny Fri night in London!)

Saturday was my birthday, lots of lovely presies, including cupcakes through the post from Russ's sister and one of my favourite illustartions ever on a card from my mum and dad.

My lovely Swiss auntie always sends me a home made card.

& my mum & dad gave me a mini starter kit so I can make my own quilt.

The afternoon was spent sipping tea & munching on sandwiches, scones & cakes at Claridges.

Followed by the BEST film I have seen in ages 'Heartbreaker' the Telegraph says 'Heartbreaker recalls a time in film history when rom-coms were amusing and glamorous as well as romantic.' I was hooked from the moment it started, I think being a big Dirty Dancing fan helped! you can see a trailor here

& finally Sunday was spent on the Heath with lovely friends eating & drinking whilst the boys played football.

Boooooooo does that mean I have to actually do some work today ?!


  1. Wow ! What a fantastic week you have had ! Spotted one of your lovely dresses in Easy Living magazine this week really are on the up and up....

  2. sounds sublime! so many good things in one week? such treats look perfect for a birthday girl...belated greetings btw! my mum went to the v&a on wednesday too : ) how probably walked past each other. i couldn't quite face a big trip to a hot london with little elsa but i too was lucky enough to get some fabric and i've been flicking through the book mum brought home with looked like an amazing exhibition. hope this week shines for you too mandy. x

  3. Oh my goodness - what a fantastic week you've had.

    Please don't stop showing foody pics - especially when they look as great as those desserts from Claridges. Very drool worthy :0)

    And what exciting news re: the tin and melamine manufacturer.

    I'm sure this week will be just as fun.

    PS - tell us more about the illustration on the birthday card from your mum & dad. Who's it by and has it got a name? I love it.

  4. gosh that sounds like the most amazing week and i am TRUELY jealous!!!

    I think you should send me that bunting? What do you think???


    p.s. your mum sounds cool

  5. Sounds positively perfect. Happy belated birthday to you.

    So many exciting things happening with Belle and Boo - a possible licensing deal, that is great news.

  6. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had such a gorgeous week! Can't wait to see the quilt!

  7. What a week my friend!!! Happy Birthday to you...looks like you enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for sharing the JOY! xoxo

  8. The banner, LOVE the banner!!
    Hugs for another fantastic week!! xx

  9. Happy late birthday! I enjoyed every picture- what a lovely week!

  10. oh happy belated birthday m, can i look forward to feeding gus from belle & boo melamine plates? yes please! a lovely update. i'm thoroughly envious of all your fun and japes. x

  11. Perfect week indeed! Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful year x

  12. Lovely photos of your lovely week!

  13. what a wonderful week Mandy! Happy Birthday!

  14. Junibacken! At Sweden, see to believe...

  15. Lovely to hear about your recent trips Mandy, and you got some really pretty cards and gifts on your birthday. The quilt sounds fab, you must remember to share it with us when you get it made.
    The card from your mum is such a beautiful illustration. Mum's find the best cards!
    Glad you liked the flower fairy one and hope something nice grows up from the seed paper. Should be fun watching to see!
    The Vanessa Paradis film caught my eye too, will get the DVD out when it's released. If it reminds you of DDancing then I have to see it!
    Love kat xx

  16. Oh what an amazing birthday. Might leave this on the screen as a hint for the future! x

  17. nice! perfect! with lashings of ginger beer:)

  18. What a lovely week you've had. Being signed would be wonderful. Love the food pictures...

  19. I can see why this was your 'best week' ever. What an amazing birthday week you have had!

    Tell your mum, that it is OK to fill your blog with pictures of food, I for one, am glad that you did. Yummo!

  20. it just doesn't get any better than that! I suppose it's all downhill from now on :)

  21. Happy Belated Birthday.
    "L'Arnacoeur" is also the last film I watched at the theatre, the whole room was laughing from Romain Duris fake-crying in the desert till the end.
    Good Luck with work now.

  22. WOW! i know you don't know me.. im just blogwalking here and i really really enjoy your sense of style! its calm sweet yet so fun to look at! :D

  23. I adore Salt Yard. Can't wait to go back when I am in London next. Sounds like quite a week!