Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Busy Week

The problem with having so much fun is it catches up with you. This week has been manic, 2 tight deadlines and the masses of day to day stuff that comes with running your own business. However I am NOT complaining I can not stress just how much I love what I do, I switch my computer off in the evening excited about the next morning when I can switch it back on, sad I know!

So only sneaky peeks of the stuff I have been working on I am afraid as they are due to be released later this year and next (I have been working on mothers day cards for next March!) but before I show you those here is a little something I did whilst waiting for drawings to scan and print etc.

I am not sure which version I prefer I suspect I will use both. The reason it came about was whilst searching for inspiration for my cards, I discovered the illustrator Gladys Peto.

I get SO excited when I discover a new artist that I love and always make Russ (who is usually deep in concentration in his own work) come and take a look. I am not sure he shares my excitment for vintage illustrations of children! Anyway you can see lots of examples of her work here, but it was this one that caught my attention the most and I knew I had to draw my own Belle & Boo version. I know I am not half as good as Gladys but I aim to be one day.

Sneaky peeks of the cards

Sneaky peek of an illustration I did for the front cover of Famillies North magazine, out Set/Oct

Another sneaky peek has already happened over on our face book site, Suzie who brilliantly looks after that & Belle & Boo's Twitter site has shared some photos from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection of B&B clothes. Here are a few, hop over there to see more.

ssshhhh don't tell anyone but that bottom outfit is reversible! who had a C&A reversible jumper in the 80's hands up? I have a sunshine yellow snoopy one & Loved it!

One last thing before I go and enjoy some of this glorious sunshine that we have been blessed with for an astonishingly long time now, at Bubble Tracy & I were lucky enough to meet 2 sensational sisters Rebekka and Carla. They are soon opening their own online boutique we can't wait to see what lovely items they stock, for now you can read about their adventures here.


  1. Love the illistartions of Belle holing Boo, the top one reminds me of Milly Molly Mandy...C & A's I remember buying ski pants in all differnt colours fron there when I was about 15 and wearing them with my Nanas nylon polo neck top and my fishtail parka and bowling shoes, really did think I was cool !

  2. I had a M&S who loves roger rabbit one!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your "find"! I love finding fabulous, new to me, artists.

    I love your little girl and bunny, too. I think I slightly prefer the dark-haired version, but maybe because I'm used to your dark-haired girls already? But the eye seems to gravitate towards it more.


  4. I agree sweet busy friend...creating is sooooo exciting! All your hard work now will pay off...I am in the same boat right now..working like a crazy women on some future adventures.
    Love love those sweet outfits on those darling little girls..hugs to you for a happy productive week...xo

  5. oh my goodness Mandy, just so many new delights! I get just as excited about vintage drawings, I just gasp when I see a new one that I discover too! Just as I gasp when I see your work :) Oh reversible jumpers, I had a turquoise mickey mouse one!! Yes I admit it! Catherine x

  6. You are just as good as Gladys!

    I had a bright yellow mickey mouse reversible padded jumper. I think mine was from C&A too!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  7. Hi Mandy
    So much goodness in this post!
    I like your illustration just as much as the one by Gladys. It was so interesting to see where your inspiration came from.

    The rabbit for the magazine cover looks so cute!

    On the subject of reversible jumpers I too had a snoopy one in bright pink! I think the belle&boo top will be loved by the little ones, because if I remember rightly when you're that age you just love anything that can be reversed! Such a novelty :)
    love kat xx

  8. Your artwork always make me smile.
    The little outfits are adorable.

  9. Your sneak peaks are just wonderful!!!

  10. I love your stuff so it was an absolute pleasure to find it and post it on my blog. If I had a few pennies spare at the moment I'd be hot-footing it to your store. Alas, for now I will just have to store it in the back of my mind for a sunny day :)