Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Badges

You may or may not have noticed our diminished selection of badges and magnets in our shops. This was due to a delivery of parts (which are hugely heavy and therefor hugely expensive) getting lost somewhere between the USA & the UK. They are now safely at the Bristol studio and Suzie is busy making them again. We have decided meanwhile to concentrate on a smaller selection & introduce limited ranges throughout the year. Some of the old designs have changed slightly & we have 2 new boy badges, Yyyyeeyyyyyy I hear you shout.

NEW Muddy Morning

NEW Pirate Party

OLD FAV'S Belle Hugs Boo

My Favourite Spot

Hello Chick

Cowboys & Indians


Joy Aqua

Ava & The Carousel


Thanks to Clare for such beautiful photos & letting us show off our badges on her beautiful children.

All badges are now available to purchase here & here.

Great press this month, Easy Living featured our Boo Pinafore

Maggie who is the Style Editor of Time Out has started her own childrens blog called Chic Little Baby & has written a wonderful piece about Belle & Boo I strongly recommend you hop on over there, not only does she feature very, very cool stuff she has a fabulous Belle & Boo competition running right now.

Our mugs were featured in a WGSN tableware analysis on Kid's fine china and pottery, along side some other stunning products, these are a few of my favourites.

Me..... well I have been having lots of fun. A picnic with friends on Hampstead Heath, during the Kenwood concerts it's brilliant they provide a free shuttle bus from just around the corner from where I live up to the Heath, saving us a 20 min walk. I actually enjoy the walk ususally, I just like using free stuff!

A magical night at Somerset House listening to Gil Scott Heron

& I just had a fabulous weekend away in Devon. We were meant to be camping, but due to unforseen circumstancses we didn't, instead we were very well looked after by our friends in their comfy home. They have just got a puppy he is a doodle called Travis. Russ & I were immediately smitten, even when he barked each morning at 5am!

There was a bit of surfing going on (Wendy this photo is for you!)

a bit of beach football

& as usual a LOT of eating, if you get the chance I highly recommend Sunday lunch at The Rock in Georgeham, it's SO delicious.

Russ & I stopped off in Bristol on the way home to see the first run being printed of the first ever Belle & Boo book, a BIG moment I think you'd agree. However when we arrived there were slight colour issues & every one agreed a few little tweaks had to be made before we could press go! So instead of exciting photos of the pages zipping through the printers I just have a few pictures of Tracy, Aniz & I scratching our heads & looking thoughtful!

Bare with us it will be here soon and it will be as perfect as we can possibly make it...promise.


  1. Oooooh, these buttons are GORGEOUS. Just like the good old ones, perhaps I should add some to my collection ;)
    Sending lots and lots of Dutch JOY your way for a happy Wednesday! xx

  2. The badges are adorable, I think I may have to make a purchase! x

  3. Great badges and great that you are getting so much publicity :)

  4. Wow, you never cease to amaze me! It seems that there is never a dull moment in Belle and Boo world anymore- that is such a great thing. Congrats! Can not wait to see your book- what a surprise!

  5. A Belle and Boo book - how exciting and one that will certainly be on our bookshelves here in our home in Australia.

    I love hearing about all of the incredibly wonderful things happening with Belle and Boo and your new creations.

  6. so gorgeous, my boys would love those badges!!

  7. Congratulations on the press! The buttons are adorable! It's wonderful to meet another illustrator, especially one as whimsical as you.

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