Monday, 27 September 2010

Top Drawer 2010

Thank goodness I found my battery charger, well Russ found it actually. Here are some pics from the show, it feels like a lifetime ago now (that's what a relaxing week in Devon does for you, holiday pics to follow shortly)

Left Side; a cute cupboard of clothes.

Middle; a selection of our most popular prints.

Right Side; a blue wall which showed off the balloon stickers wonderfully.

Boo sneaking up on the Cowboy.

A very cool retro desk & chair we got from Ebay.

Wholesale customers get a free Belle Doll with every order of clothes.

New bags ssshhhhhh available in about 6 weeks (just in time for Christmas)

My cute Ellie taking part in the Parade

Helena & Tracy (2 of our 3) Bristol ladies looking beautiful taking orders on the stand.

A special dress up Belle & Boo in their night wear to promote the book.
Also our 1st POS (thats a point of sale presentation box btw you and me!)
Wholesale customers get one free when they buy 24 books.

Exhausting but so much fun we decided to sign up for Top Drawer January (we must be mad!)


  1. The stand is lovely!! I'm sure you got lots of orders!! :)

  2. Adorable!
    I mean I really enjoy your stuff and I cannot imagine that people just walked by...
    waiting to see the bags...


  3. Absolutely charming and delightful,so much character with all those lovely vintage 'props'! Did I spy cupcake many wonderful B&B goodies to choose from! X

  4. I want so much stuff here - the booth is so pretty!

  5. I'm really impressed by your fabulous stand. Every little part of it seems to be so well considered. It must have attracted lots and lots of people.

    I sure would have loved to see it for real. :))

  6. just beautiful, as always! I wish I could turn that stand into a room of my house!!

    loving ellie and the new (old) desk and chair! Great finds!!!!


  7. So gorgeous and so professional. What a great job you have done!

  8. how i wish i could clone this stand for my kids rooms at home- i'll take one of each thanks!!! So beautiful
    : )

  9. It looked even better in person! Good job! xxx

  10. (I didn't mean 'good job it looked better', I meant 'you did a good job' oops)x

  11. Adorable...I love your sweet world my friend. xoxoxo

  12. I love it all! I wish I had a little shoppe of my own so that I could have a Belle & Boo section to sit in on occasion and otherwise wow my customers with :) Maybe someday!

  13. So sweet as always! I hope it was a good show!

  14. I just discovered you!! I follow the Lark blog and that is how I found you, I adore your blog and your products, your stand looked lovely and I am sure you wre very busy, I look forward to reading all about you,

    Andrea x

  15. Everything looks fabulous.

    One of my co-workers is expecting her first child. I showed her your blog at work and she loved your paintings, etc. I think she's going to order from you:)

  16. Gorgeous presentation. Looks like it was tons of fun. . .AND work!

  17. Oh how I would have loved to have seen this in person. It looks amazing!

    You know I am going to have to own at least one of your gorgeous bags :)
    These are going to make perfect Christmas pressies.

    Your Halloween cupcake wrappers are stunning. They are going to be absolutely gorgeous for our Halloween treats. When I showed them to my little girl, Savvy, she said that they were "amazing"!

  18. I love how it looks like a room you could live in :D Very sweet.

  19. Your stand looks absolutely stunning, fair play! Everything looks so wonderful and charming. I love all the little characters....

  20. Wow, the stand looks sooo beautiful!! I was wondering if you will be putting the Belle paper dolls back into your Etsy store any time soon, I sooo desperately want a couple to decorate my baby's (who is now 4 days over due and making me sad :( ) room with and living in Australia I am finding them hard to come by....
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your stuff, gorgeous!!
    xo Pippa