Thursday, 16 September 2010

Up, Up & Away

'Up, Up & Away' is a very apt name for this post, as Russ & I head off too Devon tomorrow for a much needed break, yyiippppeeeee.

Thank you for all the lovely positive Top Drawer messages, the show was a huge success, we took nearly double the amount of orders we had hoped to take, made loads of lovely new friends and between us acquired a fair few delicious goodies. My favourites being a cushion for me just like these below from Mini McGhee

& this hare cushion for Russ from Helen Minns

I was also lucky enough to meet a few people who's work I admire tremendously.

Ros the artist behind Rosie Flo Books (genius) & Elena Deshmukh, you have to visit her website it is simply exquisite.

We also got to hang out with a very special couple indeed, Allison & Paul of Lark. They arrived all the way from Australia with presents for Kate, Tracy & I, these brilliant Daisy Lane Swap Books.

Tracy & immediately started to get over excited about who had the best cards (basically we started acting like 6 years olds) We all went out after the show for pizza and catch ups, I think we could have chatted all night.

Annoyingly I can not find my battery charger for my camera, I have been hunting high and low all day, so I could share the shots of the stand with you, but I am afraid you will have to wait till I am back off my hols.

Meanwhile I do have 2 scrummy new prints to share with you.
'Up, Up & Away' was commissioned by the gorgeous Catherine of Bristol. She emailed me ages ago asking if I would design a header for her new blog 'Bristol Parenting Cafe' Usually unfortunately I can not illustrate logos/branding for other companies as it is too confusing for the Belle & Boo brand, however as Belle & Boo are based in Bristol and the blog is all about children I said I would love to & here it is.

When I met Catherine to discuss the commission I had a very strong visual idea immediately and it has turned out better than I could have hoped. The design has also worked well as some very popular wall stickers!

Catherine says at the beginning of her blog "In our little blog cafe you'll find recipes, crafty stuff and info on child-friendly places and events in Bristol and beyond" So for those of you that live locally I suggest this is a blog you have to book mark.

The second new print 'Hot Chocolate' is straight out of the pages of Bubbles Before Bed. I actually finished it way back in April, but wanted to release it around the same time as the book. If you don't want the coloured version you can always buy the book and colour it in yourself!

OK off to pack and look for this blinking battery charger x


  1. Oh! I love your blog, it's such a good read after a dull, uninspiring day at work. thank you so much, I've recommended you to everyone!

  2. love this new chocolate illustration!

    love from amsterdam

  3. I am so in love with everything you do!

  4. Great finds at Top Drawer - thanks for sharing. That hot choclate looks DELICIOUS! Have a wonderful break x

  5. I can't tell you how much I love that hot air balloon...thank you so much. Have a lovely time in Devon - you must be looking forward to a rest!

  6. Such gorgeousness as ever. I just knew Top Drawer would be a success, you deserve every second of it. Such a shame we'll not be making it down to Devon, would have been such fun to meet up for cream teas. That hot chocolate print is so adorable, love it on your mug too. Have a fabulous, well deserved break. Hugs, Catherine x

  7. Why everything you do is so adorable? I want everything at my home...

  8. Hot chocolate, I'm ready for Fall with Belle and Boo!
    Have a happy week, Mandy xx

  9. Everyone beat me to the gushing, but I loved this post - it was pretty and interesting and I love that you share your work + gush a bit about other's talents, as well. Awesome, thank you.

  10. Gorgeous!

    I love hot air balloons!

    Have a great holiday!

    Come visit my blog sometime:

    Love from

  11. i will have to take a pic of our new up and away decal that i finally found the place to stick yesterday!!

    looks so fab!!

    great blog entry and that hot choc illustration is so beautiful!!


  12. Good, good, very good. I Love this illustration and this blog !*