Monday, 22 November 2010

12 Days of christmas

It's a very exciting day (well in my little world anyway!) we have a new winter animation on our website homepage. How cute do Belle & Boo look, I love it when she kicks the snow. Now you may notice on the tree there are really not that many days left for our overseas customers to place their Christmas orders, not even 2 weeks. To celebrate the new look website (and because we are all a little over excited) we are running a fun festive offer called the '12 days of Christmas'
You need to sing this next bit "On the 1st day of Christmas Belle and Boo gave to me........" well that bit will change daily, check back everyday from today, to see what is on offer. The offers will vary in degrees of greatness! & will only be available for 24 hours from (10am -10am GMT) how exciting :)

Todays Offer is 25% of all Dinosaur and Donut wall stickers.
The prices have been changed already and are available here and here.

"ggRRRRRrrrrrrrr Yum !"


  1. and yesterday I ordered the Belle and Boo clothes for my little girl and now I'm waiting. I am also so excited :)

  2. I love your drawings! They're so charismatic. Congratulations!

  3. Okay, my home has received the Belle and Boo update ^_~ and I LOVE it! Thinking about ordering a few more mugs to spread on Christmas day.
    Have a lovely evening, Mandy. I always leave your world all happy and with the sweetest feeling xxxx

  4. Bella and Boo we love you too. Love your new book.

  5. I love the new website design. It makes me want to rug up and drink hot chocolate - and I'm in Australia!

    Naturally I love your '12 days of christmas' idea and I've already started humming away!

    la la la

  6. Love the animation! Yay for Christmas discounts, I'll be poor this Christmas :)

  7. Lovely! You beat me to it though, I am planning a 12 days of Christmas feature too! xx