Wednesday, 3 November 2010

52 Day until Christmas.... friends little girl told me that at the weekend when we went to the Little Angel Theater Company in Islington. It is the first time I have been, it is so lovely, we saw Fantastic Mr Fox. I really liked the fact that my friend used to go when he was a little boy, 30 odd years ago & now he takes his children. The theatre is specially designed for children and puppet shows, next is Alice in Wonderland, if you can go I strongly recommend it.

Anyway after that bomb shell I rushed home and uploaded our Christmas goodies in to the shops. We have the card offer from last year.

& the Little Madams are now Little Madam Angels

We don't have too many of these left, so if you have been uumming and arrhhing don't delay and risk being disappointed. Next year they will be replaced with new little dolls, I just need to scribble my ideas down on paper (Pixie & Imp SOLD OUT)

There will also be a few new products (Boo lovers will be happy) arriving in time for Christmas so watch this space.

I was SO excited to receive these photos today from the very talented Thouraya, she says on her blog 'Amelie's eyes lit up when she saw her dress and said 'oooo Sleeping Beauty Dress' How sweet is that and what a beautiful dress her mummy has made her. There are still a few craft packs left so if you are feeling inspired hop over to Etsy now and please, please send me any photos of things you have made.

Lastly we were also lucky enough to be featured in this gorgeous online children's magazine it is packed full of stunning photographs and illustrations. Ok better dash I am designing new mugs today & I feel a cup of tea is in order for inspiration!


  1. The theatre sounds wonderful Mandy, it's a pity we do not have anything like that near to us..52 days til Christmas, I have just delivered Christmas cushions to a new home shop in our town and was delighted to see Belle & Boo cards and mugs in there, my things are in good company !

  2. I'm a new convert to Belle & Boo (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and I was looking thru your past blog posts and saw the cute mirrors you did last year. Do you think you will be bringing those back for Christmas, by any chance? :)

  3. These little madams are d a r l i n g. Last Saturday I entered this lovely shop called 'Dille and Kamille' to find some of your wonderfully cards in their display. I uploaded my card collection right away ;)
    Happy hugs for a sweet Wednesday. xoxoxo

  4. Hello Char, thanks for visiting the blog. I am afraid we wont be making any mirrors this Christmas but you could ask the lovely Allison from 'Lark Handmade' if she can sell you some, as she makes them for her Australian customers. I hope that helps, Mandy x

  5. Aw, fabulous! I will send a little request to Allison. Thanks so much.

  6. Hi Mandy,
    I finally ordered myself a craft pack (well, 2 actually ;-) and can hardly wait till my package arrives! The dress is a true inspiration, so I know what I'll be sewing if I end up having a girl. And if it's a boy (we're not finding out): well, I already have a daughter so it won't go to waste: she's been begging me if she can sew something together with me so a little purse would be a lovely mother/daughter project. She's also getting your book as a Christmas present - both fun for her and me!

  7. Yay! We took the nearly 4 year old to see Fantastic Mr Fox on our recent trip to London and we all loved it. I do hope it will come to Aus so we can see it again. Love checking in to see what you are up to.