Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Dress Up Belle

I have wanted to revamp our Dress Up Belle Doll for a while now, so am very excited that she is finally here. She is now printed on matte recycled card and I have drawn 4 new cute outfits for her and a spotty scarf for Boo. Which is your favourite outfit? I think mine is the coat.

I have also updated the blog with these 3 new outfits which you can download for FREE, simply click on the link in the side bar.
The older free outfits on the blog are slightly larger & fit the original dress up Belle doll, but if you reduce them slightly you can get them to fit, meaning even more outfits!

Perhaps the best thing of all is she is now the same size as the Belle Doll at the back of our 'Bubbles Before Bed' book. Making it a lovely gift if you buy the 2 products together, so the lucky little recipient has many, many outfits to choose from (and a back up doll!)

I have just worked it out that's 9 outfits in total (including the 2 to colour in in the book) I wish I had 9 new outfits hhmmmmmm :)

Actually I think the best thing of all is to be found over on our facebook page, hop over there now to find out what it is wink, wink.

Thank you to 2 lovely customers that sent me photos of Belle & Boo in their lives, we love seeing photos like these over here at headquarters!

Oooh almost forgot can anyone recommend a good, affordable screen printers, the prices I am being quoted are crazy expensive?!


  1. oh loving these new outfits Mandy, I must say I love that pink coat too, wouldn't mind one of them for myself ;) Love the bunny in the bucket too! Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Pure cuteness, prettiness and gorgeousness, Mandy, as always!
    Happy hugs for a creative and wonderful Wednesday xoxoxo

  3. I know a screen printer here in Texas, will that help

  4. OOOh think these may find there way into a couple of little girls stockings, maybe a few big girls too...

  5. These are gorgeous!! Just like what I used to play with when I was little x

  6. I love them. Love the coat and the overalls.

  7. I wish,
    I could be the paper doll. So, I would have the cutest outfits around the world ;-)

    And my dog Puk could be little Boo, but for him it wouldn't be the problem to create cute stuff :-)
    I guess to sew or to crochet a nice scarf isn't too hard.

  8. Gorgeous paper doll, I love your all your work.

  9. My little dress up girl is here with her sister - thank you facebook which I joined just for the offer and shouldnt really look at people I know!! I have these girls to put away with the book ready for when I get some girl grandchildren!!