Tuesday, 30 November 2010

On the 7th day of Christmas

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  1. Yesterday I checked the mail box. Next to me in a basket was a cute looking envelope. I wondered (maybe a bit jealous,hehe) which neighbor gets something great like this? I liked very much the shape-deco of the envelope. Then I saw the 'Belle and Boo' logo. What? Who gets this? Then I discovered my name...Hm? I was pretty much confused. Have I won a giveaway? How? I haven't taken part in any raffle? I took it and showed my husband the envelope. I have unpacked it (Yeah a 'Bubbles before bed'-book) and it was nicely packed in wrapping paper. Then I discovered a tag and it showed the name of the person who gave it in order
    >>> my husband (I guess a new fan of Belle and Boo, hehe)
    What a wonderful surprise!
    Thank you for the lovely wrapped gift.