Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas has begun

What a super start to Christmas.
Thursday night I went with my mum to a Good Housekeeping carol concert at Grosvenor Chapel, followed by drinks at Thomas Goode store which sells 'the highest-quality china by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen' Dinner plates start at around £200! We had lots of fun imagining which crackers the queen would be pulling on Christmas day!
Friday night Russ took me to see War Horse, it was INCREDIBLE the best live performance I have ever seen, I can not recommend it enough. This clip doesn't do it justice, but it is a tiny taste of what we saw.

Then last night was Kate's wedding reception, she had a small family wedding in the day, followed by champagne and dancing and lots & lots of fun last night (my camera is still broken, so when I get my hands of a picture I will show you, she looked beautiful and very, very happy)
Today I have sat on the sofa, watching Christmas movies and eating far too many chocolates, I feel very festive & full indeed.
I did do a little bit of work.....I have added a new Christmasy postcard to the shop, find it here and here.


  1. Channel 4 are doing a docummentary on The Making of War Horse, I think it'll be in the next couple of days, maybe best to double check the Radio Times but I am pretty sure it's Ch4.

  2. Saw Warhorse in the summer - I agree, it was absolutely fantastic. Also managed to see The railway Children - awesome!

  3. Wow, the trailer is great, I just saw the docu from channel 4 on youtube. The horses look so real!

  4. lovely work

  5. love your posts , they are a inspiration for new designers like us

  6. I saw The Making of the War Horse. Incredible! Made me a little emotional!

    Sarah x

  7. That's funny.
    I didn't know you work before 2 days ago when I bought all your post card in Dille & Kamille in Antwerpen. And today I saw you in L'ile aux fils (
    Love your drawings.
    Have a wonderful last day!