Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Family Tree's

I have had a sketch for a Belle & Boo family tree sat in my 'New Art' folder for the past couple of years ever since I bought a Famille Summerbelle tree print for Russ's niece. At last I had some time to finish it and I am really pleased with how it looks. I chose a very autumnal palette, which those of you who have been to my flat will know is my colour palette of choice. I am not sure if I will feel the need to create a spring one as the weather changes, but for now I think this is perfect for a cosy home, with mugs of hot chocolate and long woollen socks.
It comes in 2 sizes medium A3 and Large A2, but at the moment there are only 4 of the larger size available, so if you want one in a hurry don't wait around. Available in our Belle & Boo shop or on Etsy

You can be as creative as you want with the pictures you add, no need to keep within the oval shapes, although that does look lovely too. As always I would love to see photos of what you do with yours.

Here are a couple of photos we have been sent recently, of Belle & Boo out in the world.

Clare who takes photos for Belle & Boo has created this very cool and practical wall calander, it is BIG which is brilliant, mine is up and looking alarmingly busy already, they are very reasonably priced and are available to buy here.


  1. wow mandy! what a precious really is so perfect and how lovely to think of all the families that will fit in those little ovals. x

  2. TOTALLY adorable Mandy, and love all the photos of your items out in the big wide world :) Keep cosy, Catherine x

  3. Oh wow! Thank you for using one of my photos! What an honour (especially for a big B&Boo fan like me!) That is my sons room with the Cowboy print - he loves it and I am just grateful it isn't a football team or computer game picture! There are more photos on my blog
    thank you for making my day and thank you for the items I have just received. I can thoroughly recommend the Before Bed book - it is beautiful and not expensive so the perfect gift for little girls (and their mummies!)

  4. I was just thinking to make a family tree for my parents for x-mas. Couldn't decide, if on paper or a sculpture. But yours is sooo lovely, maybe I should talk to my husband more about my wishes ;-) hehehe

    The cake pic is amazing, looks too good to eat! Who made it?

  5. so lovely and cute

  6. I love the family tree. How creative!!!

  7. Is that a cake!? SOOOO CUTE!!!

  8. Ah I love the Family Tree!-I'm a fellow- Doll Projecteer!- has taken me too long to take a nose at your site!-Beautiful.
    Kirsty x