Saturday, 4 December 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas

So that's it the last of our 12 days of Christmas offer, it's gone so quickly and been very, very busy, I hope everyone found an offer that suited them.
Just to explain the offer above in a little more detail, if you order £50/$75 of goodies or above in the respective shop, we will send you a beautifully printed Belle & Boo gift voucher, in a hand stamped kraft envelope. You can use this for your own future shopping or give it as a gift.

I laughed a lot last night when I watched a Christmas Boots commercial, a woman shows her husband 3 gifts she has bought for family members and tells him
"it was buy 2 get one free".
He seems pleased and says "so one of those was free?"
"oh no" replies the woman as she lifts up 2 more full shopping bags
"I bought these 6 for myself and those 3 were all free"!
I noticed Russ laughing a lot also!

Anyway to help you spend! today I am adding 3 new limited edition prints to the shops. They are all new print processes to Belle & Boo.
The first are 2 stunningly printed letter press pieces, pressed for me by Monika all the way over in the US. They arrived a few days before the show beautifully packaged, I was blown away by the crisp line on the softly textured paper, I will definitely be keeping one of each for myself.

Letter Press Boo: Limited edition of 50

Letter Press Belle and Boo: Limited edition of 50

I am not sure my photos do them justice, the paper is embossed, so the dark ink is pressed deep into the paper.

The 3rd print is the image I designed for our exhibition at The Haberdashery, based on my favourite vintage signs of the 1920's. It has been screen printed in Dorset by George from Barnhaus (doesn't his set up sound romantic, screen printing in a barn in Dorset) They are 4 colour screen prints on Fabriano Tiepolo 100% cotton stock 290gsm the edition is limited to just 60, so gets yours before they all get slurped up!

Tea Makes Everything better: Limited edition of 60

All new limited editions are available here and here


  1. 'Tea Makes Everything Better' would be so perfect for my Daughter! Will it be in your Etsy shop?

  2. I love, love, love the 'Tea Makes Everything Better' print. You must know my Mum!!

    Too cold - have a cup of tea.
    Too hot - have a cup of tea. Upset - tea will fix it ... it goes on!

  3. I love all your work, I'm just hoping my next little baby is a girl so I can fill their room with all your beautiful Belle and Boo bits!! Also wanted to say a 'thank you' as I ordered a couple of your 'Bubbles before bed books' for christmas presents. They are perfect and all just packaged so nicely with your sweet drawings. Thank you.