Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Goodies

Ok so enough of galavanting around the globe, I am now sat back at my desk in my studio, where I belong. I have a slice of buttered malt loaf a big mug of red bush tea and my favouite radio presenter James O' Brien on LBC playing in the background. I have lots of exciting things to share.

The first batch of our beautiful cushions are ready for sale, there has been much to-ing and fro-ing to get these just right & now I believe they are. When I visited Kate's house the other day and saw all 4 My Favourite Spot cushions sat together in a row in Robyn's nursery I felt very proud indeed. They are now available to buy here and here. They need to be photographed properly, but we couldn't wait to share them with you.

We have been receiving amazing press about the cushions.
We featured in the Daily Mail Wish List this weekend just gone & Mother & Baby Mag this month.

We also had a lovely feature on bambino goodies, well done Kat you do deserve a medal, it seems for ever ago we met at Top Drawer !

Also I had my first 'big' feature I was asked to recommend unusual 'Thank You' gifts for an article in Easy Living. I am so pleased with how it turned out, but I must say that smile didn't come easily ! Russ bless him is an AMAZING artist, designer, photographer but when it comes to taking photos of me it is not a happy experience. It detiriates very quickly into me turning into a moody teenager because he can't make me look like one of those glossy lovelies that grace the front pages! We had 3 photo shoots in varies location to get this shot, which was all worth it when my dad called to say it was one of the loveliest pictures he had seen of me and he wished he had taken it, ahhhhh shucks :)

Belle & Boo tape is now available to buy here & here, to be honest we never intended to sell it, but we have received so many emails about it, we thought why not. If its good enough for Rob Ryan (genius) its good enough for us !

Lastly we often receive emails asking about the gocco bunny print, which sold out quite a while ago now, so we have decided to offer a Boo giclee Art Print instead, available to buy here and here.

OOoohh nearly forgot it has come to my attention that the subscribe to email address has been treating a lot of your mail as spam & throwing it in the bin ! So if you would like to receive the Belle & Boo newsletter, with information about new products and lovely discount offers please click the Boo button on the left hand side of this blog & you will now successfully be added to the list.

Monday, 15 February 2010


At the moment Russ & I are all snugged up house sitting for friends in Instow Devon. We have been coming to this part of Devon for over 10 years now, ever since Russ discovered his love of surfing. We used to always camp, then a few years ago good friends moved here & we swapped our inflatable mattress for a very comfy double bed. I have been pondering the correlation between our friends buying a house here and my lack of surfing. I think it comes down to the fact that when camping I used the chance to surf as some sort of wash, but now there are bubble baths & a power shower at my finger tips, surfing has been largely replaced with bike rides that more often than not end up at teashops selling scones thick with cream !

Although this afternoon scones were scoffed at a very Miss Marplesque hotel with my parents.

it's a good job I get to play football on the beach, otherwise I will turn into clotted cream !

PS Joyce from Pattern & Perspectives, yes we will soon be selling the Belle & Boo tape, I am not sure how to contact you so I really hope you see this :)

Congratulations to....

the random number generator picked comment number 51 ( Just in case you wondered, if someone has left 2 comments I will only accept the first comment as a winning entry, so if the random number generator picked the number which is a secondary comment I would go again, this didn't happen, but for future giveaways I wanted that to be clear....hope it is!)

Belle & Boo received 2 fantastic emails this week the first was from Gwenke,

Dear Mandy and Kate,
I recently discovered your art and I find it really very pretty. It warms one's heart.
I have a request if I may.
I play the Sims2 games, I've no idea if you've heard of it. Essentially it's a 'dollhouse' style simutaion game by Electronic Arts. It is not an on-line network game or anything like that.
The main thing is, it is possible to use outside images to make things that can be used in-game. I have made some wall art and postcards using your images on Etsy. I would like to ask your permission to share them with others so that others can have them in their game as well.
I would of course name the source and add a link to your Etsy page.
It's all for fun and nobody is getting any money from this.
I plan to post at www.modthesims.com and http://sims2artists.sublimesims.net/smf/index.php.
I hope it's OK with you. Thank you for your time.
(I'm attaching a pic of what I made.)
Best regards,

We gave her permission and this is what she created,

I think they look so cool in the virtual world, if you want to use them for your own game she has posted them here

The second was from the lovely Jules, she is a Melbourne based photographer, you can see more of her gorgeous work here.

Hi Mandy & Helena,
Just wanted to send you the link to some pictures of Ivy's 2nd birthday. Not sure if you remember but i ordered the invites recently on etsy and they came with envelopes already stuck down and you kindly sent more. I was then telling you how I was having a tea party for Ivy and Belle and Boo ( and Ava) was my inspiration. It was such a magical day and I must say I was a little worried about the 7 boys attending, not so about the 5 little ladies. However, to my delight they sat there for a good hour eating yummy treats and sipping rosie tea out of my Nana's tea cups!
Ivy loved her Tea pony dress and especially her Belle and Boo print.
Finally I wanted to also say that you will see in the pics that I did a giant game of "Help Belle find her duck" (aka Pin the tail on the donkey). I know it was really naughty to enlarge Belle but it was a HUGE success and a great idea for you guys???
So thank you for Belle and Boo - we love them!

simply stunning, I especially like the doily bunting & the cake... cute beyond words x

If you have any Belle & Boo stuff you would like to share please, please send it to us, we love to see what's going on.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


After a whirlwind few weeks, Russ & I are finally back in ol' London town. I am sat in my Lovely, lovely studio (I missed you) in tights, leggings, ugg boots, jumpers x 2 and a big scarf, sipping a steaming mug of tea, I am very cosy indeed. I have changed the blog header to a snowy picture temporarily, I know all you Brits are so over the snow, but please bare with me just for a few weeks. I am REALLY enjoying it. Russ wanted to buy a Christmas tree the other day and every time I leave the house I think ' yum it smells like bonfire night' !
We wrapped up warm the other day and stomped across the Heath & any excuse to meet up with friends in pubs with log fires and fairy lights are grabbed.
Saying all that I can't quite believe our Australian jaunt is all over, it was wonderful. I was first introduced to Etsy in Sydney 3 years ago & I thought 'I'll have ago at that'. So to return 3 years on & to wander into my favourite shops & see my art work there was incredible, it makes me think anything is possible with Belle & Boo & that's exciting.

Things I will miss about Australia

Blue skies, cute house, white picket fences, places to sit on front porches, banana bread (I sneaked this one in at the airport before getting on the plane !) retro cars, this building I walked past every day, our local cinema, picking up gorgeous magazines & discovering Belle & Boo are in them & of course all my lovely friends old and new.

I am sure I will bore you with many more photos as nostalgia sinks in but for now, I am all excited about receiving packages like this

which reveal goodies like this

oohhhhhhh SO many exciting things to share with you in the next few months. If you would like to receive our newsletter, which gives you a heads up on what's new & discount offers for the shop, please email us at subscribe@belleandboo.com, or click the Belle & Boo News button in the left hand column of this blog.

but for now, if you leave a message on the blog telling me what you LOVE about Belle & Boo I will enter you into a draw to win this Valentines dress, Available in 4 sizes, 6-12mths, 1-2yrs, 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs. Closing date for the draw is Valentine's Day 8pm UK time. Good Luck.