Monday, 29 March 2010

Fantastic Press

Just a super quick blog update to say we have been receiving some fantastic press lately. We were featured in The Telegraph at the weekend, eek!

& in lucious Period Living.

Also if you haven't visited Allison's shop LARK in a while I nudge you to take a look, she has a brand new website, designed by the super talented White Pixcels & she expending her real life shop as we speak. She is a selling a sweet selection of Belle & Boo pocket mirrors & 4 'Ava's Teaparty' Coasters which are tied together with a pretty bow, they are exclusive to Lark & you can buy them here.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Trip North

Over the past few weeks I have been out & about alot & I am not embarrassed to say I was really looking forward to a quiet night in tonight to catch up with my blog & watch Medium !
A couple of weeks ago Russ & I took a trip North to visit family & friends, we stopped by the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Russ & I had one of our first dates there many years ago) Unfortunately we had just missed the Rob Ryan exhibition but there were plenty of other amazing things to see.

Like this little bunny....

which turned out to be not so little

Whilst passing through Leeds we took a trip back to our old art college known a H-block, as you can see it is not the most attractive of buildings,

but still we were some what surprised to discover it had been shut down & the art department moved across the road to this fabulous new building,

I am not sure I would have worked quite so hard in this contemporary environment, I used to joke with my friend that studied at Norwich if I had gone to college there I would have just wandered around romantically, sighing! (If you haven't been its a beautiful building)
Yet again we timed it wrong & couldn't get in to see the Survive Exhibition, so these following photos are courtesy of my friend Matt, who timed it better!
We all had a big banner printed

& a framed illustration

The exhibition featured BA (Hons) Graphic Arts and Design alumni that have made their careers as illustrators.

It was very impressive to see 5 people from my year were asked to exhibit & that's not to mention all my friends also from that year that have gone on to make it in the film, music & graphic designer industry. The tutors said at the time it was a strong year and they were right. My contemporaries from right to left Matt Herring, Russ Mills, Martin O'Neil & Jackie Parsons (actually she was a different year but is an honoree memeber) Alex Williamson also took part but I don't have any photos of his work.

Next stop my friend Clare's house. Now I am not often jealous of other peoples studios as I love mine so much, but Clare's turns me into a small child every time, I stomp my foot, stick out my bottom lip and complain loudly "I want one"

Isn't it amazing & her work is amazing also, this is a painting she did of me when we were at art college together.

Her husband Giles owns the local garage and shop, did I mention I was jealous of their lifestyle, stomp, smash, bang that's me throwing another childish tantrum! !

On Monday Kate & I went to visit the ladies at the Bristol studio & I met Suzie for the first time, she has been posting & packing for us for a while now and recently has set up Belle & Boo Twitter & Facebook pages. We thought as the business is expanding it might be fun to have these written by the Bristol ladies so you get a more rounded idea of Belle & boo life & not just me wittering on all the time ! Suzie by the way is the most over qualified post & packer ever she has a degree in art conservation so is used to handling VERY precious materials indeed, our packages are looking fabulous & we are receiving lots of lovely emails like this.

"I just wanted to write to say a big thank you for my package today. Wow. I am so impressed. It was like Christmas with all the special touches in the packaging and the little clothes pins and postcards and ribbons. Not only was I delighted with the items I chose and the attention to detail in their hand-made finish, but then all the embellishments that came with the order. Fantastic"
-thank you Rachel

I have to admit I do miss the packaging desk

the Ikea bags have been replaced by Royal Mail postal sacks for the trips to the post office

& huge racking was erected by the Bristol husbands, it's all looking very grand.

& finally last night, Russ & I went to see Chicago, starring Ruthie Henshall it was such fun & afterwards we got taken back stage and met her, Belle & Boo 'might' be doing some work with her in the future, eek ! so as always watch this space

Friday, 19 March 2010

small & BIG

Ok now I know I start a lot of my posts with "I am so excited" but there is a lot for me to be excited about in my little world of Belle & her bunny Boo !
Today I get to blog about some very tiny Belle & Boo and some very LARGE BELLE & BOO
Here are 3 original pen and ink drawings I have just finished for an up and coming exhibition called 'TINY' at the LA based Gallery Meltdown. The exhibition opens on April 10th & the public will be provided with magnifying glasses to view the art works.
I will show the pieces in more detail once the exhibition is open, they are just 1.5" by 2" cute!

Now for the BIG stuff. You can now buy A1 and A2 size Belle & Boo prints, which I think is something to shout about.

Firstly the very chic guys over at 1973 have printed 2 different, A1 limited edition screen prints. Thats 594 x 841 mm -- 23.4 x 33.1 inches of Belle & Boo for your wall.
They have chosen Evie's Flowers

& simplified 'Belle Fly's a Kite'

Mine are at the framers as I type, I think they make a stunning pair. I find it easier to write that as somehow the screen printing process has removed me from the image & I can really enjoy them. Don't get me wrong I love what I do and I know if I walked into a shop & saw one of my images but it was done by someone else I would be the first to buy it, but I find it very hard too put my own work up on the wall. Does anyone else have the same problem? I have friends that hang their own work all around their homes and I think it is brilliant, it is not a modesty thing it just doesn't feel quite right ?

Anyway back to LARGE prints, we also have a new Limited Edition A2 Fine Art Giclee print available in our shops here & here. I did this art work when I was in Sydney for a very cool children's magazine in Hong Kong called Donut.

I took this classic Fairy advert as the starting point for my inspiration

& I am really pleased with the out come it makes me smile.

The edition is limited to just 100 they are signed & numbered by me & 10% of the price will be donated to Unicef's Haiti Earthquake Children's Appeal making them extra scrummy :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Photo Shoot

Yesterday was such an exciting day, I actually couldn't sleep properly the night before I was so excited ! Ellie our AMAZING photographer got us a great deal at a studio, we really were spoilt & the little children we used were perfect. I didn't take too many of my own photos throughout the day, for one thing my flash set off Ellie's flash & secondly keeping little children entertained enough so they don't mind you taking their photo is exhausting ! I haven't really mentioned too much about new clothes on the blog, I guess I have been waiting for the 'official' photos, but basically we are working with a British designer & our first collection has a dress, a pinafore and a cute blouse & shorts set, all based on my existing illustrations. I will explain in more detail at a later stage but for now here are some sneaky peek shots.

Kate steaming the clothes

The studio

Jess's lovely bed, which the children adored.

a funny papparazi type shot.

the amount of herbal tea needed!

& here are just a few of many fabulous photos to come (I have picked these few because they are cute, more photos of the clothes to follow)

Ellie is just putting the finishing touches to her website, so until then she is contactable at

Also a friend spotted some Belle & Boo pictures in this lovely bedroom in Australia

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Thank you......

...... so much for your help. I was amazed by just how many emails I received throughout the day.
I now have a new props house address, knowledge of how to distress a new bed to make it look vintage, 2 amazing contacts of where I can buy stunning vintage children's beds if I ever have the money or a child ! & most importantly a bed, a day bed to be precise. Here is a sneaky peek, the real thing arrives tomorrow.

Jess I can't thank you or your husband enough x

I am now madly planning shots they hopefully will look something like these mood board mock ups, fingers crossed.

Monday, 8 March 2010


I really need your help, we are doing a Belle & Boo photo shoot in a weeks time & we are desperately searching for a bed that looks like this.

Has anyone seen one for sale or hire, preferably in the UK ? If you have please let us know, we would be eternally grateful.
Also a big THANK YOU to Daily Candy for the lovely article, which you can read here.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

2 posts in 2 days..... must be a record!
Just a quickie to say AT LAST our Boo cushions are in the shops here & here. I have one sat on my sofa & one lying on my bed, I love them so much. I am not sure I will be able to hang onto both of them though as we only have about 50 left of 100, so if you want one I wouldn't wait too long.

Little Madams are now in both our shops here & here.

Also got some gorgeous props for an up coming photo shoot at Columbia Road Flower Market this morning, it was the perfect start to the day, coffee, almond croissant, a huge bunch of tulips, & bumped into some dear friends.