Monday, 24 May 2010

Baby May

There is a brand new Belle & Boo baby, yesterday Kate gave birth to baby May, she looks perfect & I can't wait to give her a cuddle.

Great timing, as sample wall vinyls arrived a few days ago, kate has used them already to decorate May's nursery!
The vinyls also look perfect, so now I have to get my nose down and create some new art works before we can launch Belle & Boo wall stickers to the world, Yippeeee!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

2 New Prints

Thank you to our friends over at bambino goodies for featuring our new free invite. I took their advice & printed it out on some card stock & it looks very cute if I do say so myself !
PS there is also a Belle & Boo offer on their site, but you will have to pop over there to find it :)
Also I am sorry to all of you that are after a free boy invite, it's just I had this little girl spare, so I thought I would put her to good use, as soon as I have a spare little boy looking for a good home, free boy invites I promise.

I received a lovely hand drawn card in the post today from Annabel. Thank you so much Annabel its beautiful, I enjoyed seeing the photo of you & your sister & I am very proud you took my letter & art into your school.

I have just added 2 new prints to the shops, the first you have seen before 'It Was The Perfect summers Day'

The second is a commissioned piece called 'Poppy's Puddle' it is to celebrate the life of of little Poppy McArdell, daughter of Janet and Sean.

Janet is a wonderful artist & owns a gallery by the sea, she was kind enough to send me this beautiful little driftwood scene, which I adore. Both prints are now available in both shops, here & here

& just quickly Boo cushions are now back, they had all hopped off rather quickly, but we have managed to entice some back with lots of juicy fresh carrots!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Outings & Invites

Thank you so much for all the AMAZING wall sticker ideas, I was really inspired and excited by your suggestions, so much so I decided to do a few new illustrations to mix in with some old favourites. We will be sent a sample sticker in the post this week, how exciting.

I have been on a couple of lovely excursions this week with even lovlier friends. First to The Barbican to see Celeste Boursier-Mougenot's commission for the The Curve

I am not sure how much I embraced it as an art event, but I was overly excited when 3 finches landed on my shoulder & chirped away like they were telling me the best story in the world, they are really very cute.

Then a fun packed day at V&A's Museum Of Childhood it really is one of those places (along with the Aquarium at Monterey) where I know I could go back to time after time and never get bored. This time it was even more special as my crazy Belle doll and her doll project friends are on display there.

I spotted this doll, who looked liked she had been involved in her own doll project, with all her little bits & bobs

I found these Little Grey Rabbit Toys

I loved the Little Grey Rabbit Books when I was small, this was one of my favourite illustrations, hare gazing in at the sweet shop window & spotting Easter eggs tied up with pretty bows.

This continues to be a favourite exhibit of mine

& this Noddy

& I could just feel the joy a child must have got from this suitcase of beautiful dolls clothes

A while ago I was asked to provide some illustrations & type for a local magazine Families North, which I was thrilled about, having lived in the area for over 10 years, I know it well. The theme was 'Party Like a Princess" my images are dotted through out the pages & our clothes and book plates are featured, I received my copy in the post a few days ago and couldn't be happier.

I thought I would share a little of that happiness with you, I have used one of the illustrations I did for the magazine in this free party invitation.

It's easy click on the image above and then drag the invite onto your desktop. You can then print as many as you like, all I ask is please only use it for personal use (do not sell it!) & if you do use it I would love to see any photos.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

One of those days

I am having one of those days, when I just can't make a decision. I am finally, finally, finally finishing up our very first Belle & Boo book, Yyyyiiippppppeeeeeee.
It has been in the making for such a long time & now trying to make a decision about the front cover is proving just that bit too much. It's a big decision nearly a years worth of work, sold by a single image on the front gulp !

Anyway that is not why I am blogging, I was after some advice please :)

We have the opportunity to work with this amazing vinly wall sticker company Chocovenyl they produce beautiful removable wall stickers like this.

I need to make some suggestions asap regards which Belle & Boo images we should get made into wall stickers & I would really appreciate your opinions.
So far I have !

Monday, 10 May 2010

Boo gets his cake & eats it !

Boo is still hopping around everywhere, here he is in the West Australian & here he is twice in Country Homes & Interiors.

Its a very lovely magazine I sat and flicked through all their beautiful summery pages at the weekend, clutching a hot cup of tea in ugg boots and a huge woolly cardi, it's May for goodness sake, why is it sooooo cold !!
There is this delicious looking Lavender Madeira cake, which I might jut have to make, next weekend, Russ and I are meant to be doing a detox this week, wish us luck !

Speaking of cake, look at this cute, cute Boo cake Vicki made for her daughters 2nd birthday, adorable and very well made I think you'll agree.