Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Freelance Designer Needed

I am not sure if I would have believed you if you had told me when I tentatively listed my first print on Etsy, that a few years down the line I would be working on Belle and Boo full time with a bunch of great friends and with lovely customers around the world.

A busy, growing business requires more work everyday & we now find ourselves in a position where we are looking to find a freelance designer for upcoming projects.

Could that be you?

Belle & Boo is all about vintage story books and classic compositions but with a contemporary edge. We are looking for people who are familiar with Belle & Boo and feel they could add something special.

What I'm really looking for is a mini me! ...someone who loves to: Design, Create, Draw, Photograph, Print, Package, Cut Out, Que at the post office (you don't have to love this bit!) ...someone who is: a stickler for detail, delicate but quick, good with typography & can multitask between a variety of on going projects!

I need help with: Typography, Brochure Design, Packaging, Point of sale, brand presentation & day to day tasks like re-sizing artwork and preparing for print.

This position would be perfect for someone that is looking for 1-2 days work a week, the job will be an organic process as is everything with Belle & Boo!

Unfortunately a major factor is location. To begin with it is essential that you can work next to me in my studio which is in East Finchley, North London.

You will need your own Laptop and be pretty handy with Adobe CS software ...photoshop, illustrator etc.

Please apply by CV, online portfolio and cover letter to:

PS Can't wait to meet you.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Drink Milk

I must admit I was slightly inspired to create these prints as World Cup fever grew & the English flag fluttered from more & more windows. Maybe its bad timing to add them to the shop so soon after England were wiped out by the Germans (my mum's side of the family are German so I am not too sad!) then again maybe its the perfect time. To me they conjure memories of Charles & Diana's wedding, school summer fair's and of course I am just about old enough to remember free school milk. So come on lets celebrate all things nostalgic, English & wholesome.
Screen printed & hand painted with gouache by your truly, each design is limited to just 80 (70 still available) available now here & here.

'We Make London' was hot, hot, hot. It was held in Chelsea town Hall which is a beautiful building, but not very well ventilated! So sweatily I met lots of lovely people, including Tina from Tobyboo, who has been threatening for months to buy our Spring shorts outfit for her little boy. Meanwhile this has sold out, so she settled in the end on buying a pink Boo pinny which she is going to alter so she can wear it this space! Her stall looked gorgeous, loving the long toy soilders and she had little tiny Tobyboo cupcakes to munch, yum.

She actually did it! Tobyboo we love you x

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Zoe from the stunning children's wear label Hucklebones has just sent me over some photos of their stand at Bubble. Tracy & I were lucky enough to be positioned next to them & we all agreed that Belle & Boo & Hucklebones are a perfect fit. If you haven't already you should check out their website here.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


What a lovely show, Tracy & I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly from start to finish. We made lots of new contacts, caught up with existing customers and had great press interest. Click here to see that Kate Carter from the Guardian includes Belle & Boo in 'The best of the labels on show'
The preperation for these things start weeks before, but I still managed to find myself manically ironing outfits Saturday morning before we loaded everything into the car and set off for the Business Design Centre in Islington.

I remember going to the New Designers exhibition just after I had finished art college and being in total awe that my contemporaries were showing in this incredible space in London. So I most admit that as we drove into the loading bay I got a shiver of excitment that here I was finally about to exhibit my own work :)

Russ and I transformed the stand from this

to this,

Those 9 cut out Belle's took ages to make but were well commented on throughout the show so I am glad I did it, I almost gave up at number 6!

We had an amazing spot, right by the entrance & were surrounded by beautiful stands, I was VERY excited when I saw one stand down from us was Mae all the way from Australia. Her re-usable wall stickers are even prettier in real life & now I just need to work out where I am going to put mine.

Peta (from Mae) and I felt very rock & roll when we were 2 of the last remaining drinkers on the first nights drink party (hhmmmm we left the bar at 8.20! maybe not that rock & roll) Directly next to us was Helen Gordon I couldn't resist buying one of her gorgeous bags and aprons after the show, they are very sweet indeed.

Another exciting thing that happened at the weekend was Belle & Boo were featured in a Telegraph artical called 'Best of Britian's sellers on Etsy' we were featured after Rob Ryan, it doesn't get much better than that does it!

Ok, now I have to focus and get ready for We make London this Saturday, it's going to be amazing it is sponsered by Etsy and there are some incredible people exhibiting. Please come, please, please I will be all by myself this time & I do like to chat!
There will be special Belle & Boo 'We Make London' offers so come along and find out what they are, they are going to be yummy.

PS. The Bristol ladies are doing a photo shoot of the new Autumn & Winter clothes this Friday, so we will be able to show them to you very soon. If you can't wait have a squint at the cut out Belle's she is doing a great job of modeling them. Also if you want to have a sneaky peek of whats coming next year click here.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Elle Deco

Whooooo hooooooo I wrote at the beginning of the year that I wanted to have Belle & Boo mentioned in Elle Deco (my fav interiors mag) & this month there we are, I am very chuffed :)

I spent a lovely weekend in the Cotswolds with my family, it was such a beautiful house (we stayed in the middle section, called Bell House) there was a very pretty courtyard, where I spent many an hour sipping Rose wine & flicking through the pages of Cotswold Life, trying to decide which country pile I would buy if I had a spare few million!

My dad and I visited Woodchester Mansion, a grand gothic building. The Mansion was abandoned by its builders in the middle of construction around 1870, leaving behind a building that appears complete from the outside, but with floors, plaster and whole rooms missing inside. Now a programme of training courses in stone conservation and craftsmanship are run there. Check out the taps on this bath.

& shower

There was also lots of crochet & blanket lounging. Thanks mum it was super x

It was back to reality with a bang on Monday, my studio looks more like a car boot sale at the moment as I gather everything I will need for the up coming shows. Its Bubble this Sunday where we will launch our new Autumn Winter collection of clothes, so check back next week for photos.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

2 Shows

Good morning, it's a bit chilly, I can't quite believe I spent last weekend on the beach. First a flying visit to Brighton for a friends birthday dinner at Jamie Oliver's resturant, delicious & then a couple of days just hanging out with good friends that we haven't seen for ages. So long in fact that the (at the time) HUGE Lost dress I gave their little girl now fits. How cute is she!

Apparently when she wears it people sometimes comment "oohh thats the TeaPony dress" or is "that Belle & Boo" which is so exciting. I always hope to see someone with a Belle & Boo bag or badge, I wonder if I would say anything or just be all shy? Kate was at a mothers group once and the girl next to her was wrapping up a present in B&B wrapping paper!

Anyway talking of B&B clothes our new Autumn/Winter collection is almost ready, can you guess what garments we have from the sneaky peak below? There are 6 new pieces in total.

We will be launching them at Bubble next weekend, 20th-21st June. It is the first time we have done this show, we have a small stand right at the entrance, it's all very exciting. We have railing for our clothes! and I ordered a tailors dummy yesterday, where I am going to keep it in between shows, I have no idea?
So if you are coming along to Bubble please stop by and say 'Hello' to me and Tracy, we do like to chat.

The weekend after I am doing the 'We Make London' show sponsered by Etsy at Chelsea Town Hall. I have never been but my lovely friend Fran has shown there and said it's great. I am going to have some VERY special offers at the show & I will be doing it alone, so please, please come and say 'hi' there, I might need you to man the stall whilst I have a toilet break or go and grab a cup of tea!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Spring Clean

We are having a BIG Spring clean in our studio & Belle & Boo shops.
To make way for lots of new & exciting products that will arrive over the next few month.

We are reducing our selection of prints by almost half....Gulp!
Lots will return to the shop seasonally, the Winter prints and Halloween etc but a few will be gone for good, sob, sob.
So if you had your eye on any of the prints shown below now is your
chance to buy it, especially as there is a yummy 30% off.

9" by 7"

'Little Lost'

Mounted: now £14 reduced from £20
Framed: now £26.60 reduced from £38

10" by 10"

'Belle & Her Little Lamb'
'Mia's Poppies'
'Eskimo Kisses'
'Lets Hug'
'Summer Woolly'

Mounted: now £22.40 reduced from £32
Framed: now £38.50 reduced from £55

10" by 12"

'Patience Brown'

Mounted: now £22.40 reduced from £32
Framed: now £38.50 reduced from £55

11" by 14"

'Sleep Walker'
'Cowboys & Indians'
'Tree Hugger'
'Lola Freedom'
'Ava In Wonderland'
'Hush Little Mermaid'
'Chance Encounter'

Mounted: now £24.50 reduced from £35
Framed: now £42 reduced from £60

Large Prints

'Winter Woolly'

Mounted: Now £38.50 reduced from £55
Framed: Now £68 reduced from £85

'Ava & the Carousel'

Mounted: now £42 reduced from £60
Framed: now £63 reduced from £90

There is a limited number left of each print in stock. Once they are gone they are gone. So don't delay & risk being disappointed. The prices have been reduced already in our Belle & Boo shop & our Etsy shop