Thursday, 30 September 2010

Delicious Devon

Here are a few snaps of my wonderful week in Devon.
We stayed in Bucksmills in this sweet, sweet cottage

The beach at the bottom of the hill.

The views from near by walks

We could walk to Clovelly

Plenty of baking went on in the country kitchen

My favourite window.

& we got to hang out with the 2nd best dog in Instow (we think you're the best Travis!)

Monday, 27 September 2010

Top Drawer 2010

Thank goodness I found my battery charger, well Russ found it actually. Here are some pics from the show, it feels like a lifetime ago now (that's what a relaxing week in Devon does for you, holiday pics to follow shortly)

Left Side; a cute cupboard of clothes.

Middle; a selection of our most popular prints.

Right Side; a blue wall which showed off the balloon stickers wonderfully.

Boo sneaking up on the Cowboy.

A very cool retro desk & chair we got from Ebay.

Wholesale customers get a free Belle Doll with every order of clothes.

New bags ssshhhhhh available in about 6 weeks (just in time for Christmas)

My cute Ellie taking part in the Parade

Helena & Tracy (2 of our 3) Bristol ladies looking beautiful taking orders on the stand.

A special dress up Belle & Boo in their night wear to promote the book.
Also our 1st POS (thats a point of sale presentation box btw you and me!)
Wholesale customers get one free when they buy 24 books.

Exhausting but so much fun we decided to sign up for Top Drawer January (we must be mad!)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Up, Up & Away

'Up, Up & Away' is a very apt name for this post, as Russ & I head off too Devon tomorrow for a much needed break, yyiippppeeeee.

Thank you for all the lovely positive Top Drawer messages, the show was a huge success, we took nearly double the amount of orders we had hoped to take, made loads of lovely new friends and between us acquired a fair few delicious goodies. My favourites being a cushion for me just like these below from Mini McGhee

& this hare cushion for Russ from Helen Minns

I was also lucky enough to meet a few people who's work I admire tremendously.

Ros the artist behind Rosie Flo Books (genius) & Elena Deshmukh, you have to visit her website it is simply exquisite.

We also got to hang out with a very special couple indeed, Allison & Paul of Lark. They arrived all the way from Australia with presents for Kate, Tracy & I, these brilliant Daisy Lane Swap Books.

Tracy & immediately started to get over excited about who had the best cards (basically we started acting like 6 years olds) We all went out after the show for pizza and catch ups, I think we could have chatted all night.

Annoyingly I can not find my battery charger for my camera, I have been hunting high and low all day, so I could share the shots of the stand with you, but I am afraid you will have to wait till I am back off my hols.

Meanwhile I do have 2 scrummy new prints to share with you.
'Up, Up & Away' was commissioned by the gorgeous Catherine of Bristol. She emailed me ages ago asking if I would design a header for her new blog 'Bristol Parenting Cafe' Usually unfortunately I can not illustrate logos/branding for other companies as it is too confusing for the Belle & Boo brand, however as Belle & Boo are based in Bristol and the blog is all about children I said I would love to & here it is.

When I met Catherine to discuss the commission I had a very strong visual idea immediately and it has turned out better than I could have hoped. The design has also worked well as some very popular wall stickers!

Catherine says at the beginning of her blog "In our little blog cafe you'll find recipes, crafty stuff and info on child-friendly places and events in Bristol and beyond" So for those of you that live locally I suggest this is a blog you have to book mark.

The second new print 'Hot Chocolate' is straight out of the pages of Bubbles Before Bed. I actually finished it way back in April, but wanted to release it around the same time as the book. If you don't want the coloured version you can always buy the book and colour it in yourself!

OK off to pack and look for this blinking battery charger x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Here We Go Again

Well it's that time of year again........ it's Top Drawer time.
My studio looks like this.

& my head feels like this!

This will be the 3rd time we have done the show, it will be interesting to see how it goes. The 1st year people were like "Belle & Boo who?" then last year we heard lots "ooh I know Belle & Boo" lets hope this year it's not a case of "we are ssoooo over Belle & Boo" It's a nerve racking time. I am setting up the stand with Russ & Patrick's help tomorrow and then the show opens on Sunday, it is actually a lot of fun once the stand is up......... but did I mention before hand its kinda scary, aaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Belle & Boo Wall Stickers

We have been receiving some lovely emails this this week, a particular favourite of mine was from Heather,

'I'm always excited to see what Belle & Boo are up to and often indulge my 4 year old daughter in the odd item. Imagine my excitement when I just saw my 80s childhood patchwork bedlinen from M&S in your latest images to accompany your new book!'

I received this email just moments ago from sweet Elise

'Ohh boy, you've done it again! I cannot resist those cupcake holders. I have just made my third Belle and Boo purchase for the week!'

Which I think sums up this week nicely. It's been manic but oh so much fun sharing all our new products with you & now I can reveal the long a waited wall stickers.

Drum roll...........

Where shall we start hhmmmmmmmmm

I know BOYS YYYYYYeeyyyyyyyy

These dino illos were inspired by Tracy's son Jude who once told me I should draw a boy sat on a dinosaur (so almost a year later) I did just that.

The Jude-osaurus



I designed the above specifically for wall stickers, however we have also adapted some old favourites & I am thrilled with the results particularly these Cowboys & Indians Stickers.

I honestly can say if I came over to your house and tried to paint this as a mural directly on your wall it would not be half as good as these look. I am going to give these to everyone I know that has a son, actually just everyone I know that has a child!

Before I show you any more, I will quickly share how it came about that we now have wall stickers. When Kate & I were at the Kids Modern fair back in April people kept coming up to our stand and saying "have you met the sticker man?" "you should go and say Hi to the sticker man" When we did pop down to say "Hi" we met a lovely sticker lady and her husband the sticker man, collectively known as Chocovenyl! Immediately I was excited we had been in talks with other stickers companies in the past, but had never really liked the quality of the products. These wall stickers were/are stunning printed on a fabric paper in incredible colour, my photos really don't do them justice. We also really liked their ethos, as it says on their website

Our goals:
1. We will ignite you with our sheer excitement over this revolutionary new medium.
2. Unframe art, working with the world community of artists and the new generation of designers / illustrators who are creating a most exciting art for your home.
3. And, finally, we want to put a smile on your face.

Ok let me show you some more


Belle & Boo 1st Meet

Belle Hugs Boo Pink the stickers come in a variety of sizes include 5 very cute A4 size stickers called miniz which are just £14.99

This parade print you will have seen before as sticky tape (& will feature on a dress next summer) makes a stunning strip/border (Kate's little girl Robyn seems to think so anyway)

There are also these colourful balloons which were taken from a new illustration called 'Up, Up & Away' which will be released as a print next week.

Last but not least how could we not have a Boo, where will you put yours?

(seen here on Tracy's rabbit hutch)

oh & by the way I have used these stickers I mean really used them, they have been put up & pulled down far too many times now trying to get a photo that does them justice & they still look amazing (does anyone get the feeling I really like this product!)

As always if any of you do buy a set and happen to take a photo we love to see Belle & Boo in there new homes.
Which stickers are your favourite?