Monday, 29 November 2010

On the 6th day of Christmas

By the way, yes it is a Family Tree poster some of you spotted further down the blog. It will be available shortly in the web shops, we just need to finalise the packaging, so they arrive at their new homes in pristine condition.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

On the 5th day of Christmas

A little while ago I mentioned I took part in a photo shoot for You magazine about woman and their little black dresses. Well today is the day that it came out eek! I think I look OK.....a little serious, but considering I am NOT & have never been photogenic and much prefer being behind the camera, I am relieved. It was an amazing experience, I met some lovely people, but I have to say I could not walk in those shoes, not one step!!!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

On the 4th Day of Christmas

Last night was such a wonderful evening, thank you to everyone that made the journey in the bitter weather, Lauren and Tim from Australia get the prize for the furthest! It was cosy & warm and delicious inside, the perfect start to Christmas.

Friday, 26 November 2010

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

It's all gone a little crazy in the Bristol studio. We were lucky enough to have 'Bubbles Before Bed' featured in the Guardian Christmas Gift Guide, gorgeous presents under £10, Suzie is working her socks off, getting all the orders out.

Monday, 22 November 2010

On the 2nd day of Christmas....

.....Belle & Boo gave to me.

12 Days of christmas

It's a very exciting day (well in my little world anyway!) we have a new winter animation on our website homepage. How cute do Belle & Boo look, I love it when she kicks the snow. Now you may notice on the tree there are really not that many days left for our overseas customers to place their Christmas orders, not even 2 weeks. To celebrate the new look website (and because we are all a little over excited) we are running a fun festive offer called the '12 days of Christmas'
You need to sing this next bit "On the 1st day of Christmas Belle and Boo gave to me........" well that bit will change daily, check back everyday from today, to see what is on offer. The offers will vary in degrees of greatness! & will only be available for 24 hours from (10am -10am GMT) how exciting :)

Todays Offer is 25% of all Dinosaur and Donut wall stickers.
The prices have been changed already and are available here and here.

"ggRRRRRrrrrrrrr Yum !"

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Haberdashery

Not long now until our exhibition at The Haberdashery, opening night is this Friday at 7.30. It is an open invitation, so if you can make it we would love to see you, there will be wine, nibbles, Belle & Boo goody bags and lots of friendly faces.

We are adding a new product to our shop today 'Mini Belle & Boo Cards' these little cards come in a pretty bundle of 8, blank inside, with recycled envelopes, they couldn't be cuter, available here and here.

Thanks to Kat who spotted our Lila Freedom print in the Style guide of The Sunday Times magazine.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Dress Up Belle

I have wanted to revamp our Dress Up Belle Doll for a while now, so am very excited that she is finally here. She is now printed on matte recycled card and I have drawn 4 new cute outfits for her and a spotty scarf for Boo. Which is your favourite outfit? I think mine is the coat.

I have also updated the blog with these 3 new outfits which you can download for FREE, simply click on the link in the side bar.
The older free outfits on the blog are slightly larger & fit the original dress up Belle doll, but if you reduce them slightly you can get them to fit, meaning even more outfits!

Perhaps the best thing of all is she is now the same size as the Belle Doll at the back of our 'Bubbles Before Bed' book. Making it a lovely gift if you buy the 2 products together, so the lucky little recipient has many, many outfits to choose from (and a back up doll!)

I have just worked it out that's 9 outfits in total (including the 2 to colour in in the book) I wish I had 9 new outfits hhmmmmmm :)

Actually I think the best thing of all is to be found over on our facebook page, hop over there now to find out what it is wink, wink.

Thank you to 2 lovely customers that sent me photos of Belle & Boo in their lives, we love seeing photos like these over here at headquarters!

Oooh almost forgot can anyone recommend a good, affordable screen printers, the prices I am being quoted are crazy expensive?!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

52 Day until Christmas.... friends little girl told me that at the weekend when we went to the Little Angel Theater Company in Islington. It is the first time I have been, it is so lovely, we saw Fantastic Mr Fox. I really liked the fact that my friend used to go when he was a little boy, 30 odd years ago & now he takes his children. The theatre is specially designed for children and puppet shows, next is Alice in Wonderland, if you can go I strongly recommend it.

Anyway after that bomb shell I rushed home and uploaded our Christmas goodies in to the shops. We have the card offer from last year.

& the Little Madams are now Little Madam Angels

We don't have too many of these left, so if you have been uumming and arrhhing don't delay and risk being disappointed. Next year they will be replaced with new little dolls, I just need to scribble my ideas down on paper (Pixie & Imp SOLD OUT)

There will also be a few new products (Boo lovers will be happy) arriving in time for Christmas so watch this space.

I was SO excited to receive these photos today from the very talented Thouraya, she says on her blog 'Amelie's eyes lit up when she saw her dress and said 'oooo Sleeping Beauty Dress' How sweet is that and what a beautiful dress her mummy has made her. There are still a few craft packs left so if you are feeling inspired hop over to Etsy now and please, please send me any photos of things you have made.

Lastly we were also lucky enough to be featured in this gorgeous online children's magazine it is packed full of stunning photographs and illustrations. Ok better dash I am designing new mugs today & I feel a cup of tea is in order for inspiration!