Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Belle & Boo Out in the World

There is nothing we like to see more than pictures of Belle & Boo out in the world. Look at these brilliant pictures by Bella enjoying her To Do Book.

I found these beautiful shots of our clothes on Facebook, by the way I watched The Social Network the other night I didn't realise something so nerdy could be so exciting.

Our show at The Haberdashery comes down on Sunday, I am going to miss having a 'work' reason to pop in for a coffee and cake!

As one exhibition comes down another goes up Top Drawer Spring, we have not done this show before but have heard it's great as all the shops stock up after Christmas. As always if you are visiting please come and say 'hi'


  1. I love the buntings on the Haberdashery! And the only thing better than seeing people benefiting from your creative endeavors, is to teach creative endeavoring in our little ones. What a blessing!

  2. What lovely pictures! The Haberdashery looks beautiful, wish it was round the corner from me!

  3. That has got to be so cool for you to see children enjoying your characters!! Everything you do is so beautiful. I wish I lived there because I would join you every day for coffee!!!

  4. Thank you for putting me on your blog. Your blog is AWESOME! I really wish that Belle and Boo made iron on Belle and Boo patches because I would iron them onto everything!!!!
    Love from Bella xoxoxo

  5. That is a lovely idea Bella, watch this space!

  6. I like the store 'open-sign'! I guess I need something similar for my husband or my dog 'Come in' or even sometimes 'stay out', especially over Christmas days; it would be more, than useful...Also such a lovely cafè!