Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Book - Week 2

So what was that I saying about it being a smooth and successful journey!

Week 2 and I guess 3 on the book went like this. I was sent the layouts, they were lovely, beautiful font, lovely pacing of the text. I worked hard getting sketches and ideas together for each spread, some were better than others. The outdoor scenes come a lot easier to me, than the indoor. It was a challenge suddenly having to imagine where Belle and Boo live. I have always known there would be no grown ups featured in the books but I have to consider if there are grown ups in the house or if it is a Belle & Boo size house, so everything is child size and do they actually live in a house at all!?
Anyway I sent the spreads off and crossed everything whilst I joined Kate and Tracy at Bubble. Then the news came..........da da da!

Everyone is loving everything, so much so they have decided the story needs a little more attention before I am let loose on the illustrations. Which means it is all on hold whilst a few writers are approached and they each submit a section of story (originally it was written in house) I know that is all great in the long run and it means the book will be more wonderful than ever, but I was really getting into just drawing again. Kate had informed the rest of the team on strict instruction "don't bother Mandy" and although I love them all dearly it was incredibly creative just drawing. Running a small business like Belle & Boo means you have to do a little of a lot of everything! Don't get me wrong I love what I do, but I did enjoy the calmness of just working on the book.

So unfortunately there will be no more updates about the book for a little while, but rest assured there will be plenty of other exciting stuff going on, meanwhile can anyone spot the mistake in this sketch?

Bubble was lots of fun, it is such a friendly atmosphere, as well as selling it's great to talk to like minded people, share the highs and lows, get contacts, advice & feedback.

We were lucky enough to be featured along side our favourites Hucklebones on Juniors round up and took orders from 2 of our favourite shops Their Nibs and Avavore. Our family tree flew out and we had lots of orders of our new spring 2011 clothing range, which will be available in the shop in a few months. Also can you spot our new packaging? We LOVE our new packaging, the idea is that shops wont necessarily have to display our prints hung on the wall they can simple prop them on the shelves in front of the box, making it a complete gift, no more bubble wrap needed. We will also be sending our prints out like this to our customers, which will make life lots easer and they look so cute. I will take some better pictures of them next week.

I have blurred a few new things as I don't want to completely ruin the surprise of new pieces that will be added to the shops over the next few months.

Thanks to Chopsy Baby who wrote this beautiful review of our Bubbles Before bed book.

"There is a dreamy, innocent 1950s feel to the book without it feeling old fashioned or nostalgic. It perfectly captures that time of childhood where everything is a magical adventure, a time a parent desperately wants their own child to experience and relish in. It is untainted by the crash bang of computer games, witty 3D animation but manages to steer well clear of baby blue and pink insipidness"

Thanks to Belinda for emailing us photos of her Found tattoo, how cute is that.


  1. oh i was out on the razz last night and saw your things in the window of aravore. looked lovely. x

  2. beautiful as always!

    it looks like belle's left foot is shaped like a right foot would be?

    i have no idea!

  3. I like this idea a lot!
    Have a lovely evening, Mandy xxx

  4. So sweet. Can you believe someone wears your art permanently? Wow.

    I'm not sure because one had looks like maybe it has an extra finger? Otherwise I will go with the feet being switched?

  5. Glad they loved it so much (no surprise there :)! I can imagine very well that it's a weird feeling that you suddenly have to climb out of your drawing-zone. I hope it won't be to long before you can dive in again!
    Fortunaly there is enough to keep you busy in the meantime!

  6. what a dream job one special writer will have to write the Belle & Boo story to go with your precious drawings. As for the odd one out I would say Boo's little cottontail on the bottom of the picture! Your stand looked just so adorable and love your new packaging. Catherine x

  7. oh goodness that tattoo is fantastic! Clare did say a lot of people have got Belle and Boo tat's! how cute! Hope you are keeping warm Mandy! xx

  8. Dear Belle and Boo,

    Congratulations on the book!! Best wishes to the Belle and Boo team! I was so pleased and inspired by hearing about the news that I posted a little bit about it in my blog: I'd love it if you could take a quick look! :) It has always been a dream of mine to become a children's book author/illustrator! Your drawings are always so lovely; I look forward to reading your blog! Take care!!


  9. So many exciting things!

    Wow, to have your work on someones arm!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  10. My guess: If I would be holding up a map I would not fold my fingers the way Belle appears to be doing, but they would be stretched out on the side of the map that we can see.
    If it's not that, than I just have a weird way of holding up maps ;-)


  11. Is the mistake that Bella is about four feet high while Boo is one foot high, yet their heads are level and Boo must be floating? (or sitting on Bella's shoulder)

    Either way, I love it!