Monday, 28 February 2011


Russ and I are very lucky to have extremely generous friends that trust us with their beautiful home and cute, cute dog when they go on holiday, allowing Russ and I to have many comfortable & free holidays in Devon. We have just returned form a week of windy surf beaches, delicious home cooked food and good company with some other dear friends that joined us. These 2 below are pretty much my favourite folk to hang out with at the moment,

& this little chap we met at The Big Sheep is pretty cute also.

I love Devon, the fresh air, the sea, the calmness, Russ and I are forever talking about moving there, however I love what London has to offer also. Russ and I spent Sunday out and about, a walk across Hampstead Heath followed by flat whites and sausage with home made brown sauce baps at my new favourite cafe in Hampstead. Then a mooch around the South bank, we saw the British Art Show, I really enjoyed The Clock by Christian Marclay and then a quick dash into the Tate Modern to see the sunflower seeds followed by dim sum, yum, a perfect London day.


  1. Dear B&B.
    Firstly, I'm a huge fan of Devon, Dorset and the rest of the West Country and if I could, I'd have a second home down there.
    Secondly, I treasure my 'London' days and I'm a Londoner. There is nothing better then wandering about the Tate Modern and strolling by the river, except when you're on the Heath.
    Thirdly, oh my, this has become a blog post. I pick up coffee from G & W on the way to work. Fab!
    Oh I could wax lyrical forever...... :-)

  2. mmm lovely break. we just got back from suffolk, so nice to be by the sea. will email you about meeting up. maybe next tues if you're around. x

  3. Those curls and smile are to die for, and I'd give that lamb a little hug too.

    Looks like a wonderful trip

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  5. What a dreamy week! How I miss England...& its proper sausages :)

  6. We spent a few years with my partner in a London flat and me in my home in Devon. Top tip: there are fast trains from Exeter to Paddington that take 2 hours 5 minutes.

    But don't get a second home: it's hard enough for us locals to buy property as it is without seeing places empty half the year!

    We're now in Devon full time and plan to retire to London when we're old. So much to fill the days.

  7. Lovely pictures from your hols and glad and we love Devon and Cornwall. Are you coming to see us in Bristol soon? I have some vouchers to The Lido with your name on them!

  8. Hi Belle and Boo
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog and for the lovely comments re my work .Call in to Fig again and i ll make you a cup of tea and in exchange you can tell me how to build an empire !

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  10. looks like a nice trip.
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