Saturday, 5 February 2011

This Weekend

Oooohhh just had a lovely weekend. First a trip to the the kinetic Art Fair where my friend Madi Boyd was a guest exhibitor. Then a quick night away at the stunning Rushton Hall. It was so good to get away for the night, London has felt very grey this past month, Northamptonshire was a blend of my favouite hues.

Our shops have had a spring clean, Christmas stock has been safely put a way till next year. Our 'Love' prints have a romantic 25% off and I EVENTUALLY had time to wrestle with the last roll of silky material! It has been sat in my studio for yonks. I have cut it into approx 90 x 1 meter lengths.

It is made for lining, so it is very, very silky and difficult to keep still, however look at what these incredibly talented folk did with theirs. Get yours now, only £3 a length, this really is the last of it (no more of Esa's lovely Lets Hug pockets left, so sorry)

Almost forgot the mistake with that sketch that made me giggle was, as Sarah spotted...

"Is the mistake that Bella is about four feet high while Boo is one foot high, yet their heads are level and Boo must be floating? (or sitting on Bella's shoulder)"

I originally drew Belle sitting down, then changed her quickly to standing (and yes her feet are a little odd!) anyway this meant that Boo most be an amazing hovering rabbit, although Russ also thought Boo must be sat on Belle's shoulder!


  1. I really enjoy your bogo, it's so beautiful and your artwork has such a delicate feel to it. Very inspiring. Thank you. Em xxx

  2. Couldn't resist a metre of the gorgeous silky fabric x

  3. i also enjoy your bogo. ;) (made me smile) i see you haven't included any images from a certain someone in australia using that particular lining?!

    love the frilly knickers, so adorable. x

  4. Hi Mandy,
    I will have a look at the silk, the little madam is hanging on my daughter's door, looking precisely like her! Same color, same hair, same expression! The book is a gem, love it! Oh and I also thought that Boo was sitting on Belle her shoulder...
    Maureen x

  5. Aah, couldn't resist, ordered some more Belle and Boo items, thanks Mandy!

  6. Hi Mandy,
    Just a question, I want to order two little madams, the one with the brown long hair and the blond long hair, but I don't see them anymore, are they still available? I already have the one with the curly hair, my girls have hair like this and one cousin like the blond one, so great gifts. Hope they are still there, have a good week!

  7. a big thank you for the silky fabric, absolutely gorgess! the wee free gifts you give and always a lovely touch and always super fast delivery! thanks again rx